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Is He An A**hole? 18 Questions To Ask Yourself

"Does he call you less than when you first started dating?" "Does he make an effort to get to know you?" "When you think of him, do you smile or want to grab the vodka?" 

I'm being bombarded with questions about the guy I'm currently seeing — important ones that I should be answering honestly — but they're not coming from my best friend (or my mom, who's always been my own personal relationship guru). They're being fired at me in quick succession from my iPhone.

That sounds odd, I know. But, for all the women out there who've ever thought, "Is this guy being a total jerk, or am I overthinking everything?" the new iPhone App, A-Hole Tester, will be your new, brutally honest best friend with the truth you need to hear.

Developed by Wimoweh and based on the in-depth research Amber Madison conducted for her new book, Are All Guys A**holes?, the app asks a series of 18 thought-provoking questions (with multiple choice answers) to determine whether or not the guy who's been driving you crazy lately is, in fact, an a-hole. Are All Guys A**holes?

The lucky guy I put to the test was someone I'd been seeing for over a month, and while we had fun when we were together, there were certain parts of his behavior that drove me bonkers. He'd take me on great dates to fancy restaurants, but then his eyes would glass over when I'd tell a story. We'd spend a great night at my place, and then I wouldn't hear from him for over a week and his texts would be vague and elusive.

I wanted to know: Is this guy worth investing more time in, or should I drop him right now?

When I answered all 18 questions about our relationship in A-Hole Tester — ones that focused primarily on how he treated me and made me feel — a screen popped up that said, "There's a 95 percent chance he's an a-hole."

There was my answer, so black and white. No wishy-washy, "Well maybe he's just…" advice from someone who didn't want to hurt my ego. I loved it. And, there was even a button for advice on what to do next ("Be the one to call the shots… cut this a-hole loose!")

Of course, no app will ever fully replace those insightful conversations about "boys" with my mom or best friends over a glass of wine and lots of chocolate. But, it's nice to know that when I just want to get a straightforward answer, A-Hole Tester can give me one. Whether or not its analysis is completely accurate, at least it's making me ask myself the important questions.

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