Your Walk Can Reveal How Many Orgasms You've Had (Says Science)

A free and confident stride means you have an awesome sex life, research says.

woman walking

The fashion-inclined always tell you that life is one big runway. But whether or not the world is your catwalk, the way you strut your stuff on a daily basis can say a lot more than what you're wearing.

According to a recent study, a woman's walk reveals how many orgasms she has had. An energetic and free walk means a woman has been sexually fulfilled plenty of times; a stiff walk means she shows sexual restraint.


The study, which was conducted in Belgium and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, involved a group of women who completed a questionnaire about their sexual behavior. The participants were then viewed from a distance while walking in public.

The researchers who analyzed the walks had no previous knowledge of the women's sexual and orgasmic history. They found that women who had fluid, energetic walks (free of "flaccid and locked" muscles) had more orgasms.

Unsurprisingly, the study also found that women who had reached sexual climax more often also had more confidence, and high self-esteem very easily translates to a sassy strut. 


But an energetic walk can come from more than thinking about your last hot between-the-sheets session. Some women walk with a longer, more confident stride when wearing heels. Getting a big promotion (other than the race to an orgasm, that is) and other esteem-boosting factors can also lead into that "free" walk te researchers describe. So I think we shouldn't put too much weight into these findings — at least, not until they're proven more conclusive.

We do predict a fun people-watching game coming out of this, however. So grab a girlfriend, hit the mall and analyze female struts. See how many orgasms you can count!