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Bed Wars: Does Your Man Care Which Side He Sleeps On?

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There's a huge difference between having sex with someone and being able to comfortably share the bed with them. It's a big step and in some cases involves a bit of compromise. As creatures of habit and those who come into this world initially sleeping in our beds alone (unless we have weird hippie parents or something), we become accustomed to one side of the bed or another — unless, of course, you've always had a single bed, in which case, that sucks for you, but you also probably don't have a side preference. 

However, sometimes you find yourself in bed with someone who prefers the same side of the bed as you. What do you do then? You can surrender the fantasy that you'll get your way, or, as recent research cited on The Stir has shown, if you're dating a "good guy," he will ultimately cave and give in to your whims (read: demands) to have your side. According to this research, in fact only one in 10 guys cares which side he sleeps on! Wow. When It Comes To Spooning, Is Big Or Little Best?
Inherently, men are conditioned to be the protectors in the relationship, and in being geared to this way of thinking, they're more likely to let women have their way in the sack, according to psychologist Donna Dawson. Dawson, who conducted the research, also points out that the side a woman chooses has a lot to do with her instincts, and that women choose different sides for a variety of reasons. Those who choose the side closest to the door may do so as for easy escape, or to be able to easily tend to a situation outside of the room, i.e. a crying baby. Women who opt for the inside spot, away from the door, may have a need to be as far away from danger as possible. If someone busts through that door and you're on the inside, your fella is going to put on the bravery act and do the rescuing.

"Women are far more likely to insist on things going their way than a man ... Men are generally happy to adapt," says Dawson. This doesn't seem like the case in my experience, but hey, I'll go with it! 

No matter what side you choose, the point is that if you're with a winner, someone truly worthy of your time, love and admiration, he's going to let you win the "bed wars." Love is all about compromise and sacrifice, and nothing says love like sighing loudly and saying: "Fine. I'll sleep on the inside."

Do you and your guy fight about which side to sleep on?