6 Ways To Get ANY Guy You Want (For Real, Ladies!)

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We've all heard about the powers of feminine wiles, but not every lady knows how to use them. Luckily, we have access to the top flirting experts in the country, so we'll tell you exactly what to do.

We had the chance to get flirting tips from dateologist Tracey Steinberg at the first-ever Single In Stilettos conference — basically, a haven for single gals to find out what's cooking in the world of love and learn the latest dating tips. 


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When you've mastered these tricks, you will become a true pickup artist and learn how to flirt with men successfully. And what better way to show off your skills than by turning your next girls' night out into a flirting frenzy?


Steinberg defines flirting as playful communication which both parties enjoy. It should involve a lot of body language and minimal thinking.

I, despite having a boyfriend, like to practice my flirting techniques during my daily commute. There's nothing that boosts your confidence for the rest of the day like getting compliments before breakfast.

But before you head into the night to find your male victims, you have to prepare your inner persona as well as your outward appearance. Here are six steps Steinberg claims will help you get any man you want, all while flirting.


1. Think of a woman who could get any man she wants.

Think: Angelina Jolie. Try to mimic her best qualities and appearance. But your outfit should only be 20 to 30 percent sexy (like Salma Hayek, not Courtney Love) or guys may get the wrong impression.

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2. Send yourself good thoughts.

Steinberg recommends using positive affirmations like "I'm a sexy woman" five times a day.

3. Go out to places crawling with men.

Once you and your friends have this part down, it's time to show up where the men are (we recommend sporting events, gyms and the park). 


4. Don't hit on every man who catches your eye.

Surprisingly, the majority of male-female interactions are initiated by the woman, Steinberg says. Now, this doesn't mean you should hit on every hot guy you see. Be discerning.

5. Don't forget that starting a conversation includes physical signals.

The killer move is to make eye contact, linger and smile. This lets the guy across the room know that you're interested, and that he won't get rejected if he gives you a try (yes, men need their ego stroked).


6. Keep the conversation light by sticking to topics like the music and the drinks.

Save the life-story questions for the first date. 

So gather a group of girls and make it a flirting party. You can even make it a game by picking out guys for each other and counting the numbers you scored at the end of the night. Who knows, the love of your life could be in that pile of digits.

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