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How Will The New IPhone Change Your Love Life?

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Apple is unveiling the new iPhone4S, and the Internet is freaking out. Personally I could care less, given my masochistic love of the BlackBerry (three in two years, baby) and the fact that I'm allergic to touchscreens. But the new Find My Friends app seems intriguing, at least from a dating perspective. The app shows you a colorful visualization of all your contacts (those who have opted into the app, of course), and should give location-based social media app foursquare a run for its money.

Here's how it works: "You see a list of friends and family who are sharing their location with you on a map. You can create temporary events, and you can invite friends to share their location with you, but you can set a time for the location-sharing to end," according to The New York Times.

The privacy controls seem pretty straight-forward and easy to use (unlike Facebook's, gah), but the peanut gallery on Twitter seems to think it will cause some major love stalking. Here are some of our favorite tweets about Find My Friends: 

@MalibuRumBarbie: The "Find My Friends" app could become the "You're A$$ is WHERE?" app when sum1's not where they say they R and 4got to revoke access.

@JonoBarnes: That "Find My Friends" app that you KNOW chicks ginna be using to stalk us!

@T_Lloyd: Y'all worried about "find my friends" apps but y'all tweet your location and itinerary? We found your dumbass a long time ago. Trust.

@marciandreA: Find my friends? It's stalking time!

@ChrisBarrett: I bet parters will turn each others tracking on when the other isn't looking! #tooeasy

And finally, from CNN, comes The Voice Of Reason:

@cnntech: Find My Friends includes parental controls so that kids can't turn off tracking, or connect with strangers.

Tweet @YourTango: What do you think of the Find My Friends app? Would you use it with your friends or with your partner? Would you use it to try and stalk your crush?

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