Has Cher Slept Her Way Around Hollywood?

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With a career spanning almost 50 years, it's not surprising that Cher, 64, has had her share of romantic flings with co-stars and other Hollywood hotties. However, we never would have suspected that the singer would kiss and tell, like the way she did recently during an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman.

With Letterman grilling her about her rumored list of lovers, Cher confessed to sleeping with some major names, including Tom Cruise, Warren Beatty, Eric Clapton and Gene Simmons. But, she made it clear that, while she might have taken a stroll around the Hollywood block, she was definitely the most virginal of all of her friends during the '70s and '80s.

"We're not talking Cleopatra numbers here. You know, the truth is, everyone was more promiscuous than me. I promise you, all my girlfriends, it was the time too. I'd been married to Sonny for so long, 11 years, so when I got out, I was excited, but I wasn't quite with it." Cher Was 'Crazy' About Tom Cruise

During her appearance on the talk show, Cher also opened up about her daughter Chastity, who is now her 41-year-old son Chaz, after he underwent a surgical gender change to become a man.

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According to Celebitchy.com, Cher admitted that she and Chaz had discussed the operation for years before he decided to do it, but that she still constantly mixes up the pronouns and calls Chaz a 'she.'

"During the years, we have talked about it and I don't really know what made her change her mind - I still haven't got the pro-nouns right, but she says that's not so important - he had changed his mind, she had changed his mind and then it didn't make very much difference. But it kept nagging and nagging, and one day he said to me, I think I really have to do this." Chaz Bono Is Officially A Man