9 Reasons Jake Gyllenhaal Should Dump Taylor Swift

Jake Gyllenhaal Anne Hathaway
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Ok, so, Jake Gyllenhaal is probably not scouring the Internet, looking for advice on his love life. (Unless he's reading this YourTango article on anal sex and trying to figure out a way to work it into the conversation of his and Taylor's next ice cream date, and, then, maybe.) But, if he were, we'd hit him on his head the way his mother should and ask him, "What are you doing with this little girl? You're almost 30 years old! You should be dating a woman!"

And then we'd oh-so-casually ask him how his friend and co-star Anne Hathaway (who's a mature, almost 28) is doing because, clearly, from this list we've put together below, she is totally meant to be his girlfriend, if not his future wife, whereas 20-year-old Taylor Swift (who probably still says "ew" and giggles) is too young and wholesome to even be a fling.

So, here are our 9 reasons why Jake should dump Swifty and start dating the divine Miss Hathaway asap:

1. First of all, Anne and Jake have a long history together, both professionally and as friends. The two have now played lovers twice on screen because their chemistry is evidently that good - First, in Brokeback Mountain (only Anne Hathaway could convince an otherwise gay man that he could be straight by showing him her boobs!) and, currently, in the new movie, Love and Other Drugs.

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2. As GuestofaGuest.com points out, Anne and Jake are both "classy, old New York" - meaning that they both grew up in NYC and have their home bases and families here. Plus, can't you picture Anne going on shopping dates together with Jake's sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and stopping in for coffee somewhere in Brooklyn with Maggie's 4-year-old daughter, Ramona, in tow?

3. Speaking of kids, Taylor recently said that, while she wants to get married and have babies someday, right now, her career is her priority. "Let’s say I’m 30 and still touring: I wouldn’t want to have a family, because I couldn’t balance it," she said, reports Hollybaby.com. By the time she gets around to having kids, Jake would probably be middle-aged! And we know that Jake loves kids and probably wants to become a dad sooner, rather than later. He was reportedly really close to ex-girlfriend Reese Witherspoon's two kids and was often spotted, taking them out for frozen yogurt or going trick-or-treating with them! 

4. Because, hello, Jake and Anne look gorgeous together. Have you seen this photo? And this one? And this one?!