5 Important Factors To Keep A Marriage Work

5 Important Factors to Keep a Marriage Work


Have you ever heard about the saying that marriages are made in heaven? Well, nobody can remember who coined that phrase but it became famous anyway. In reality a marriage is made here between you and your partner whom you have taken vows with to keep and to behold forever; at least that is the ideal premise of the marriage vows.  So to keep your marriage last all throughout your lifetime, you have to remember five important factors that would help you make this dream come true.



  1. Love - This is the main reason why you got married to your spouse. So do try your best to keep it alive. Keep love burning in your marriage and provide all signs of loving actions to each other. Make love for each other as an inspiration to make everything work out for you. Keep in mind that as long as the love is strong between you as a couple, everything would just fall into place.


  1. Patience - It can be difficult to have it all the time but you just have to work hard on it. There would be times that things just don’t go too well and the both of you must have the time to think things over. You must encourage each other to have patience and try to work things out calmly. Make a compromise that if ever either of you is in a bad mood, one has to give way, give space and let things cool between the two of you. After this, go back to your normal loving ways.


  1.  Trust – This is an important factor and there is no compromise for this. Keep 
  2. communication lines open between the two of you. Don’t keep secrets and try to
    let each other know about deep feelings and sentiments. If something is bothering
    you, let your partner know about it. If you have questions, ask your partner in a
    calm and pleasant manner. Don’t be too inquisitive like you are making an
    interrogation based on unfounded suspicions. Just be honest and sincere about
    your thoughts and encourage your partner to do the same.


  1.  Flattery – Yes, this is an important factor in a marriage. Keep up with a lot of
  2. praises for your partner. Praise him for things done for you no matter how little
    like making coffee, helping with house work or even in your intimate moments.
    Be generous in complementing your partner for everything that has to do with
    your marriage. Be sincere and genuine enough to let your partner know that you appreciate everything that keeps your marriage a happy and fruitful one.


  1. Encouragement – Keep in mind to always encourage each other. Be there for each
  2. other no matter what situation you are in. Try to help each other in finding 
    solutions to your problems. Remember that your offer of encouragement to each 
    other is another way of showing how you value each other’s feelings and 
    thoughts. Most of the time such encouraging words from a loved
    one can really move mountains, so try to bear that in mind.

Simultaneously, with all these five factors, it makes sense to also combine other essential factors such as loyalty, openness, reliability and respect. A bit of fun would also help very well. Try to have time to laugh and joke with each other. Laughter helps lighten up things and makes you younger at the same time.


It would be best to forget about too much of intimidation, disrespect, jealousy, suspicion and nastiness. Keep them under control or better yet, throw them out of your system.


These factors for a happy marriage are available for you to take; all you need to do is to make them work for you and be assured that you can.

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