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Kate Middleton Runs Into Prince William's Exes

Kate Middleton

So rumors have been circulating that the world's most eligible bachelor (aka Prince William) is finally ready to marry his longtime girlfriend, Kate Middleton, and many are speculating that there will be a royal wedding in the next years or so. And it's no secret that Ms. Middleton, who many compare to Will's mother, the late Princess Diana, has been carefully watched to see if she is indeed princess material.

And over the years, Kate has really proven herself to be worthy of the tiara. She's really never missed a beat - staying mum about her relationship with Will (meanwhile we'd be telling everyone in the world that we were dating a hot prince), never making headlines for the wrong reason (unlike many other celebrities her age) and of course, always looking the part of royal perfection (complete with the hats and all.)

But hey, even the most unflappable lady has her weak moments, especially when faced with her beau's former flames. So put this future princess in a room full of Prince William's ex-girlfriends, and it wouldn't shock us if like any normal woman, she lost her cool. But not Kate...

According to the Daily Mail, Kate was the picture elegance, playing it completely cool, while attending a friend's wedding with Will—even though all three of his serious girlfriends showed up too. The parade of exes included Jecca Craig, who many say was Prince William's first great love. The Mail, even claims Will and Jecca staged a "mock engagement" (not that we have any idea what that is) when he came to visit her in Kenya during his gap year (translation: before he headed to "university" as the Brits say, where he met Kate). To add fuel to the fire, the heiress recently broke off her engagement to her longtime boyfriend and showed up to the wedding solo. She even bears a striking resemblance to Kate. Sorry, but we gotta say it: If Kate's the next Princess Di, Craig just might be the next Camilla Parker Bowles (that would be Will's dad's one-time mistress and current wife.) So technically, Kate could have just met the future Camilla. Yikes!  Is Prince Charles' Marriage Legit?

But Craig wasn't the only former girlfriend of Wills who showed up alone. There was also the Prince's first serious girlfriend, Rose Farquhar and his first girlfriend from St. Andrews (Middleton came next), Rosie Bradford. And we're telling you that all three ladies are smoking hot with pretty impressive pedigrees that put Kate's upper-middle-class background to shame. 

Still, sources report that Middleton wasn't phased one bit, as she walked side by side with Will into the church. Now to us, a couple walking together into a wedding may not seem like a big deal, but apparently the two rarely show up in public together (kinda like Gwynie and Chris Martin), so it's being taken as a sign they will take their relationship to the next level soon. We don't know about you, but we're thinking that rather than being a statement, this public outing was probably just Kate's way of telling those other three ladies that Will is officially hers. Prince William To Marry Kate Middleton in 2012!

Still, we won't be shocked if, in a decade, after the royal wedding bells die, we find out that Prince William's mistress is none other than Miss Jecca Craig.

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