Quiz: Are You A Jackie Or A Marilyn?

A quiz to see if you channel Jackie Kennedy or Marilyn Monroe, both in and out of bed.

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In pondering the essential differences between the Jackie and the Marilyn Gal (with their attendant lifestyles, first husbands, lingerie and heel choices), it is first vital to ascertain whether you are a Jackie or a Marilyn.

Herewith, a test:

And in case you are wondering, the Jackie among us is a test taker nonpareil, who would fill this out very fast, with perfect concentration and a perfectly sharpened No. 2 Ticonderoga pencil. And the Marilyn? Distractedly (no doubt wearing a sheer peignoir), with an eyebrow pencil fished out from the bottom of her purse—but she would look adorable mulling it over.


1. Who said, "All men are rats and cannot be trusted?"
    a)    Jackie's father, John "Black Jack" Bouvier
    b)    Gloria Steinem
    c)    Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot

2. Who said, "Just give me champagne and good food and I'm in heaven and love"?
    a)    Oprah Winfrey
    b)    Ina Garten
    c)    Marilyn Monroe

3. Of these modern-day celebrities, who is the least Marilyn-esque?
    a)    Madonna
    b)    Scarlett Johansson
    c)    Lindsay Lohan

4. During times of stress, you—
    a)    go for a walk on the beach.
    b)    meditate.
    c)    pour gin in your tea.


5. For you, sex is—
    a)    uncomplicated and fun!
    b)    a way of saying "thank you."
    c)    a means to an end.

6. Before you meet a man for dinner, you—
    a)    shave your legs
    b)    run a Dun & Bradstreet on the guy.
    c)    break out your tippy-tallest Manolos and hope for the best.

7. You wake up every morning—
    a)    with your day completely planned.
    b)    and do whatever you feel like.
    c)    turn to the person next to you and say, "Hello, dear."

8. Your childhood is something—
    a)    not discussed.
    b)    to be celebrated.
    c)    you've been running from your whole life.


9. Your father—
    a)    loved you and gave you confidence.
    b)    was Clark Gable.
    c)    taught you to throw a football.

10. Your mother—
    a)    scares the hell out of you.
    b)    left you all of her Balenciaga and Schlumberger.
    c)    secretly loves your little sister (you know, the "pretty one") more.

11. After you sleep with someone for the first time, he—
    a)    offers you the lead in his movie.
    b)    asks you to marry him.
    c)    has a Cartier bibelot on the breakfast tray.

12. In your opinion, money is—
    a)    everything.
    b)    no, we mean it—everything.
    c)    not that important—as long as you have a roof over your head and Veuve Clicquot in the fridge, you're cool.


13. Meeting your future mother-in-law for the first time, you—
    a)    convert to Judaism.
    b)    brush up on your French.
    c)    eschew underwear.

14. Former beaux keep up with you—
    a)    on Facebook.
    b)    on the front page of the New York Times.
    c)    They don't. They're still devastated by the breakup. They'll never get over it. Never.

15. Your best friend is—
    a)    your roommate from prep school.
    b)    your hairdresser, makeup artist, stand-in, publicist, housekeeper, majordomo, Peggy Siegal—or some varying combination of the above.
    c)    just you, baby. Just you.

Answers—    1) a—Black Jack Bouvier; 2) c—Marilyn Monroe; 3) a—Madonna—while she may have looked like MM in her youth, her MO is pure JKO; 4) a—Jackie; b—Jackie; c—Marilyn; 5) a—Marilyn; b—Marilyn; c—Jackie; 6) a—Marilyn; b—Jackie; c—Marilyn; 7) a—Jackie; b—Marilyn; c) either; 8) a—Marilyn; b—Jackie; c—Marilyn; 9) a—Jackie; b—Marilyn; c—neither; 10) a—either; b—Jackie; c—Jackie; 11) a—Marilyn; b—Marilyn; c—Jackie; 12) a—Jackie; b—Jackie; c—Marilyn; 13) a—Marilyn; b—Jackie; c—Marilyn (of course); 14) a—neither; b—either; c—Marilyn; 15) a—Jackie; b—Marilyn; c—Marilyn.


To Determine Scoring—Tally up your responses, giving yourself one "Jackie" point for each question you answered about her correctly and one "Marilyn" point for each correct Marilyn answer. Whichever score is highest corresponds to your predominant archetype. In case of a tie, you are either kidding yourself or are Uma Thurman.

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Reprinted from Are You A Jackie Or A Marilyn? Timeless Lessons On Love, Power And Style by Pamela Keogh, courtesy of Gotham Books.

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