9 Cities With The Lowest Percentage Of Hot Men

Looking for arm candy? The top nine cities to avoid.

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Wondering which cities you can safely skip over on your next all-girls road trip? TotalBeauty just made it easier for you, with a handy top list of the cities with the least attractive dudes. Their method: they looked at factors like education statistics, contraceptive and erotica sales,—"no sex generally equals less hot guys," they write—the number of gyms, exercise habits, obesity rates and smoking rates in every city in the U.S. Scientific? Perhaps not—but certainly worth a read. Male Take: Where To Meet Good Men


The top nine:

#9: HOUSTON, TX: Blame bad teeth, a higher-than-average obesity rate (25 percent of the population is sedentary) and... body odor? Say it isn't so! (TotalBeauty cryptically refers to their "research" when citing the body odor. We're not sure we want to know).

#8: PHILADELPHIA, PA: Between Travel + Leisure magazine's survey of tourists and locals for America's Favorite Cities (they ranked Philly last in the "Attractive People" category) and Men's Health #2 ranking of the City of Brotherly Love for worst teeth, plus a relatively high obesity rate, TotalBeauty doesn't think Philly dudes make the grade.


#7: DETROIT, MI: One of the highest obesity rates in the country, plus a low percentage of men with bachelor's degrees and a low high school graduation rate put these guys high on TotalBeauty's un-boinkable list.

#6 & #5: HUNTINGTON, WV & MOBILE, AL (tie): No one likes a tie, especially when it comes to having equally terrible teeth, a high rate of inactivity, and a low number of gyms.

#4: GREENSBORO, NC: According to QualityHealth.com's survey of sexually active cities, no one's getting laid in Greensboro... which comes as no surprise to TotalBeauty, who point the finger at bad teeth and a high rate of obesity. C'mon, ladies—big guys are sexy, too! (We're with you on the teeth, though). Why Men With Big Bellies Make Better Lovers

#3: MIAMI, FL: This one came as a surprise, especially since the country's most impressive abs just finished filming Jersey Shore in Miami. But 21 percent of men 25 years old and up didn't make it past 9th grade—one of the highest dropout rates in the cities TotalBeauty studied. Let's face it, smart guys are hot. Plus, more than 27 percent of Miamians don't exercise regularly—but maybe that's skewed because of the older, retired population?


#2: HAGERSTOWN, MD: Nearly 30 percent of guys in Hagerstown don't exercise regularly and 30 percent are obese... plus, a higher-than-average number of them smoke, compared to the rest of the country. Handling A Partner's Unhealthy Habit

#1: EL PASO, TX: We want it all: brains and brawn... and the dudes in El Paso don't have much of either, according to Total Beauty: nearly 15 percent of guys in this city have less than a 9th grade education. Plus, 32 percent are in below-average health and 30 percent do not exercise regularly. The end result? Apparently, it ain't pretty. The Types Of Guys You'll Probably Date

Ouch! Think this list is as harsh as we do? Do you live in one of these cities? Tell us in the comments if the results hold up... or if you want to defend your guys. Or tell us which city this list is missing!