Spanx Are No Substitute For Self Worth

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I love Spanx, I love tights, I love long flowing dresses. I accept my cellulite. I am not talking about a few little dimples, I am talking about the type of cellulite that doesn't go away when you stand, that makes wearing leggings or dresses that hug my bum near impossible. As stated in previous articles, I've been bigger, I've been smaller.. my cellulite has stuck around through it all. Cellulite is one of those words that no man dares utter and no friend ever speaks of. People will talk about weight before cellulite and that is saying something considering that near every woman has it somewhere on there body to some extent. Cellulite is taboo, and yet.. we've all seen it.
This is a fact, ladies (and yes the gentlemen who also have it please read), your friends, your family, those who are closest to you have most likely at some point seen your cellulite. Be it in a changing room, at a beach, in a tanning booth, at the gym... at some point, you sat with your legs crossed and lo! there it was.. those sneaky dimples creeping out the backside of your leg! They have seen it, and they didn't say a word.. and they didn't run away in horror. To be completely blunt, they didn't care. They care about you. No one but those financially involved in media and beauty really cares much about your cellulite. If someone told you there were seriously offended by the existence of cellulite, wouldn't you wonder a little about there state of mind.
Now, let me make it clear.. I do not like my cellulite, I don't find it appealing, and I do try to cover mine in public.. but when I am getting my sexy on in a spicy hot teddy I am not thinking about how my cellulite might be showing. I am thinking about how sexy I am feeling all over! To be completely honest, in that moment, I am most likely thinking of all the sexy things I see about my partner, possibly even finding some mole or wrinkle incredibly endearing.
I think it's to easy to look at ourselves and scrutinize but try to see yourself through the eyes of those who love you. Or maybe easier, look at yourself like you would look at a friend or a family member you love. I hope you can speak to yourself with the same kindness and acceptance you would give to anyone else.