Simon Cowell Claims He's Slept With 2,000 Women

Simon Cowell

There are several men we would probably guess have the type of magnetism that would guarantee them a lot of play between the sheets.... But would you imagine the infamous former American Idol judge Simon Cowell to be in that line up?

Truthfully, we wouldn't have. But, based on some new rumors, we may have to reconsider! The scoop, according to the British tabloid the Daily Star, is that Cowell has bedded 2,000 women, a number that would make even the most notorious lothario blush.

And it gets better. Apparently, during his "good times" he had two women a week. So, if you average that out during the '80s and '90s, we are indeed talking about many, many women. (Tons of guys are grateful to get two women a month, let alone a week!)

When asked about it, Cowell answered it pretty simply, celebrating his love for the ladies: "I like women. I just like them. I like flirting and I like to listen. Guys will say they fancy girls, but my best friends are girls." (That really is a lot of woman-loving...) We have to admit that while we were doubtful that he had this type of sex appeal, numbers like this are just way too nutty.

Plus, it looks like he's no slouch with his choices, listing a bevy of British pop stars and models like Sinitta, Jackie St Clair and Jasmin Lennard as some of his former bedmates. And even though he now claims to have taken himself out of the game since popping the question to 37-year-old Mezhgan Hussainy, it doesn't mean he's in a rush to the altar. In fact, he's even willing to wait another 10 years before saying the big "I do."  Simon Cowell Proposes To Mezhgan Hussainy?!

With a wait that long, is he really out of the game? We're not sure. But we do know that Cowell's lighthearted approach is one that works for his fiancee.

"She just gets it," he said. “You've got to understand it, that it’s not serious. You mustn't be uptight, can see the funny side of things when I get down about stuff."
Well, well, well. She must be very understanding and have a fabulous sense of humor if she can be such a good sport about her husband to be and his overwhelming body count. If it's true, that is. We're still wondering if that number isn't overly exaggerated. 
In the meantime, the jury's still out on this one. But, maybe he has some type of skill we're not giving him credit for...
Photo via Bauer Griffin.