5 Good Reasons To Kiss Right Now

Two men set the Guinness world record for longest kiss and 5 reasons you should be kissing, too.

woman puckering up her lips for a kiss

A new Guinness world record was set for the longest continuous kiss over the weekend and—get this—by two males!

The College of New Jersey students—Matt Daley and Bobby Canciello—spent 33 hours non-stop kissing under a tent pitched on campus, without bathroom breaks (!) as per the rules, and surrounded by their closest friends. Woo, Jersey! And, woo Matt and Bobby! We can be proud of the Garden State again.


The two dethroned last year's saliva-swapping record-setters, Germans Nikola Matovic and Kristina Reinhart, who smooched for 32 hours straight. In honor of this accomplishment, we collected 5 good reasons to kiss, right now. What are you waiting for?

1. Because it's fun! And free. 'Nuff said. 

2. It's good for you. Kissing is good for more than your pleasure. It burns calories, builds strong facial muscles and other health benefits that might have you anxious to break Matt and Bobby's new record. 

3. It's key to understanding your relationship. As we've known at least since Betty Everett sang it in the '60s, if you want to know if someone loves you so, it's in his kiss. Matt and Bobby are just friends (really close friends, we gather!), but if you're wondering after the the motivation behind the lips you're kissing. Don't worry, Sherlock. We've got you covered. What Does A 


4. Practice makes perfect. Now before you get offended, it's said that we become expert at a task after doing it for 10,000 hours. Your lip-lock technique is no exception. We're sure this is practice you'll enjoy. 

5. Knowing is half the battle. We all, at some point in our kissing careers, start to wonder if we're good at it. Once you know what NOT to do, you can really start to hone your kissing talents with confidence. 

Would you ever enter into a kissing contest? What techniques do you use?

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