How To Show Your Love When He's Away

Whether you leave or get left behind, here's some advice to make sure your reunion is sweet.

Woman folding a sweater into luggage

"Lovesick" doesnt just mean crying so hard after you have been dumped that you barf on your bed sheets. (Although, girl, I have been there. True story.) You can also be lovesick when youre so engulfed in love for another person that being away from them makes you feel ill. Me, for instance: my boyfriend travels on business a lot. A lot. Sometimes I am just happy to watch The Rachel Zoe Project without anyone whining, but sometimes it's slow and lonely torture. Last week, for example, I found myself crying in a bathroom stall at work because I just felt like half of me had flown across the country. It was pathetic. Sad. Sucky to the max. The Frisky: Travel With Your Significant Other Without Killing Each Other


Today, he left on yet another business trip. This time it's only a short one, praise be. But my foodie lover has sweetened his absence, literally, by sending me a box of handmade, artisanal chocolates to sate my sweet tooth. Chocolate could never replace half of my heart, the love of my life. But any girl will tell you, chocolate just... helps. Bitches, you know I'm totally blogging right now with citrus/rum raisin/toast-flavored chocolate melting in the corners of my lips. The Frisky: Plan A Honeymoon On A Budget

This got me thinking: what are some other things couples can do for each other when one of them starts singing "I'm Leavin On A Jet Plane"? The Frisky: I'm Afraid To Date Because I'm On A Budget


If you're the one leavin' on a jet plane:
•    A delivery of chocolates, flowers or one of those fruit-baskets-shaped-to-look-like-flowers are always appreciated.    
•    A goofy postcard or two couldn't hurt, especially if its not just some generic one but one that actually reminds you of her.    
•    Dont leave a crap-ton of laundry or dirty dishes behind for her to wash in your absence.
•    If youre staying in a hotel that has fancy little shampoos and body wash, see if you can bring em home for her in your luggage.
•    TiVo the shows you would normally watch together, so you can enjoy them when you get back.
•    If shes got her old childhood teddy bear or another stuffed animal hiding in storage, pull it out before you go and leave a little note: I thought you could use someone to snuggle with while Im gone!        
•    Stock the freezer with a pint of her favorite ice cream.        
•    Sexy photos of yourself are appreciated, but no pics of just your penis, please! Unless you are dating Samantha Jones on Sex & The City, women generally consider penis photos to be gross.

If youre the one back at home who doesn't know when he'll be back again:
•    Hide a piece of your sexiest lingerie as a surprise in his luggage. Not his carry-on, though, because that could get awkward!
•    Slip a book he has been meaning to read into his carry-on before a long flight (or download it onto his Kindle or iPad, if you are modern like that).
•    Don't delete his favorite shows from the Tivo or throw away any of his magazines. (Hopefully, this is just common courtesy, though.)
•    Stock the fridge with his favorite foods, or cook a welcome home dinner, when he gets back.
•    Pick him up at the airport with no panties on... and let him know via text message right before he boards his flight so he has the whole time to think about it!
•    Email a sexy or cute photo of yourself to him every night. I am a fan of emailing photos of myself after I get dressed in the morning with a note that says, "Look how cute I am today!"
•    Two words: phone sex. Two more words: Skype sex.

Written by Jessica Wakeman for The Frisky.

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