Do Racial Stereotypes Affect Your Dating Life?

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OKCupid categorizes online daters tastes and hobbies by race.

How does your race affect what you enjoy? It's a question everyone ponders, but that people rarely try answering for fear of non-PC implications. Enter the popular free dating site, OKCupid. Earlier this week, the company released a trend report, titled "The REAL 'Stuff White People Like,'" which used infographics to present the hobbies, tastes,  interests, and self-descriptions of various ethnic groups. To complete the study, OKCupid analyzed the personal essays in half a million of its profiles to isolate words and phrases specific to each racial group.Community: Does Race Play A Part When Dating?

The results were funny, if not stereotypical and a little pop-culture heavy. White males like Tom Clancy, Harley Davidson, and Van Halen, while white females went the escapist, sentimental route, claiming to enjoy Nicholas Sparks, bonfires, and horseback riding. Tips On Interracial Dating

Asian males described themselves by the phrase "I'm a simple guy" while laying out their careers: software developer, an engineer, and investing. Asian women, who also described themselves as "simple," listed surfing the net, sashimi, and Alicia Keys among their interests. Online Dating: 7 Signs You Shouldn't Date Him

"Soul food" was the most common phrase in black men and women's profiles. Black people's profiles were twice as likely as any to mention faith.

Latino men and women apparently love to sing dance: merengue, bachata, and salsa were among the top five interests most common interests written in their profiles. Indians, Pacific Islanders, and Middle Easterners also received the treatment, which you can see on the trend report itself.

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