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Divorce Insurance: Depressing Or Practical?

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Ladies and gentlemen, meet the newest whippersnapper on the web start-up scene: WedLock divorce insurance.

Believe it or not, this precocious new company offers casualty insurance—like life insurance or flood insurance—except for divorce. For just $15.99 a month, practical couples can gamble with their hearts without threatening their wallets. For every policy purchased, WedLock will shell out $1,250 upon proof of divorce. Is Divorce Becoming a Luxury?

We can't imagine that purchasing divorce insurance with your honey-to-be is the most romantic part of planning your life together. With that being said, we'd be daft not to acknowledge that there is a market for Wedlock and other companies like it, given the divorce rate being what it is. 

It was only a matter of time before a business like this sprang up. In America we don't like to be caught with our proverbial pants down. We like to plan for everything... imminent doom, inevitable heartbreak, and financial ruin. WedLock is simply the newest addition to our arsenal of worst-case-scenario safety nets. After all, divorce is a complicated, scary and costly endeavor. Divorce Laws, Demystified

But isn't there something terribly depressing about this whole idea? Falling in love and tying the knot is a terrifying thing. No one knows what might happen five or even 20 years down the road. But we like to think that that's what makes the whole thing so special. The risk, the trust, the blind hope. Closing your eyes and wishing for forever might be impractical but we're OK with that.

On the other hand, our mothers always told us to hope for the best, but to plan for the worst. And yes, by all means, look out for yourself. How Is Your Marriage Different From Your Mother's?


So what's a modern, savvy gal (or guy) to do? Is it smart to guard yourself against the financial ruin that is divorce, or is the whole idea of divorce insurance just destining your marriage to fail? Am I Doomed To Get A Divorce?

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