Why ATTRACTION Is #1 - And Why Men Suck...

Why ATTRACTION Is #1 - and why men suck...

We men, by nature, don't come equipped with the "know how" on
attracting women. It's not something we're hardwired with. We see a
beautiful woman, we're attracted to her, and we want her. So what do we
do? We do the only thing we know:

We compliment her, buy her drinks (and dinner) and bend over
backwards to keep her from getting annoyed or angry with us. All in
exchange for a relationship or a physical payoff.

It makes sense right?


The only thing you're accomplishing is looking like a "nice guy".

But women like and want a "nice guy"... Right?


Women might tell you all day long that all they want is a "nice
guy", but they can't manage to do anything but date a bunch of jerks...
Well, lets think about this for a minute. How many of your friends are
pretty "nice guys"? How many of them compliment women, buy them drinks,
say and do nice things for them?

A lot of them?... Maybe even ALL of them? I bet you'd say they're all pretty "nice guys".

Now, why do I keep putting "nice guys" in quotations?

Because complimenting a woman, buying her drinks, and doing "nice"
things for her do not make you a nice guy, they make you a wuss. They
make you an insecure boy instead of a strong, confident man.

Now I know this is a pretty strong statement to make, and you might
be getting a little pissed off, but hear me out. I think you're
intelligent enough to put the pieces together.

When you compliment,do nice things, etc, for a woman you're not in a
relationship with, all you're REALLY doing is trying to buy her
affection. You're trying to make her attracted to you. You're trying to
make her LIKE you. You're trying to show her you're a nice, sweet,
caring guy, because that's what women want... Right?

Do your friends like you? Do they think you're a pretty good guy? Yea?

Do you buy them gifts, take them out to dinner, or compliment on how handsome they are every time you see them?

Well why not? You're just being a "nice guy"...

Look, when you first meet a woman, she'll know what kind of man
you are within just a few short minutes. Women are extremely good at
sizing men up quickly, because they do it so much. They have so many
offers that they have to sort through all their options to pick the
best. What do you think MOST men do to try and win a woman over?

That's right, they COMPLIMENT her, BUY her things, and do NICE things.

Guess what that makes them to women?
Average, normal, BORING, unattractive.

If you want a woman to find you different in a desirable way, you
need to prove to her that you are different in a desirable way, and
buying her things and complimenting her are not how ya do it.

Let me tell you something I learned that totally changed the way I looked at women and dating. ATTRACTION.
Attraction is NOT a choice.

Think about that.

Attraction is not a choice...

When you see Carmen Electra, or Megan Fox, do you have to sit their
and ask yourself if you find her attractive? No way! You just... FEEL
IT. Same thing goes when you see a very old, obese woman with a mustache
riding a power wheel chair. Do you have to think to yourself whether or
not you're attracted to her? Do you decide? No way! You just KNOW. You
just FEEL it- or you don't.

Well, women are the SAME way...

Except a little different.

Just like men, women don't choose to feel attraction, it's either
there, or it isn't. But where it differs from men is that it isn't based
entirely on the physical appearance of men. In fact, it's not based on
our physical appearance almost at all. As long as we're clean, have good
hygiene, and dress decently.

What women look for in men is a desirable character. They look for "different in a good way" or superiority.

They're looking for above average men. Men that "have it together, that are confident, and that know how to create attraction.

Attraction has a very simple formula.

In order to create attraction you need to prove to a woman that
you're confident and secure. And that you DON'T NEED HER TO FEEL LIKE A

Now, there's some pretty damn easy ways to show a woman you're confident and create attraction quickly.

  • Tease her.
  • Say NO.
  • Take the lead.
  • Don't let her bad attitudes effect you.
  • Have fun.
  • Challenge her.
  • Don't ever let her know that you're as attracted to her as you really are.

And a million and one more (that we'll go over in future posts).

If you want to turn the attraction off and kill any chances you
had with her than just buy her drinks, tell her how beautiful she is and
don't say anything that might possibly upset her.

If you don't believe what I'm telling you, then do this: Go find 10 guys
that always have beautiful women in their lives, and then watch how
they treat them.

Guess what they won't be doing?

That's right, they won't be doing all the same things MOST guys do.

Wishing You Success!
-Tristen Ryan Royal