Are Angie Harmon & Jason Sehorn On The Rocks?

The actress and the former football player are at odds over their schedules.

Angie Harmon Jason Sehorn

On the outside, it seems like 37-year-old actress Angie Harmon has it all. She is on a new, hit TV series called Rizzoli & Isles on TNT, married to a handsome husband, former football player Jason Sehorn, and has 3 cute little girls. However, according to the National Enquirer via, Angie is barely holding her "perfect" life together.

The former Law and Order actress has admitted that she was on the verge of quitting acting and moving away from Los Angeles before landing the the detective show. But, since she started filming it, she has thrown all of her energy into making the show success, leaving Jason to be both mom and dad to Finley, 6½, Avery, 5, and Emery, 1½.


"Angie’s marriage has always been one the strongest in Hollywood," said a source to the Enquirer. "But the popularity of the show has put so much pressure on the relationship that it’s gone from rock-solid to rocky in a matter of weeks." Angie Harmon & Jason Sehorn: Married with Children

The largest part of the problem is that with Angie’s intense schedule and Jason’s lack of one - Supposedly, he has nothing going on until college football season and his job as a TV commentator resumes.

"Jason’s been forced to play Mr. Mom to their three young daughters," added the insider. And considering that Jason is a Republican with traditional values, being a house-husband isn’t probably something he signed up for. 5 Hottest Football Couples


"He has no choice," said Angie to USA Today about Jason’s new role as super-parent. "It's hilarious when you come in and see them all doing the tea party, and he can barely fit on the little chair" while playing with their 3 daughters.

However, according to the insider, "It may be funny to Angie, but Jason’s not laughing."

We know that Angie has a show to promote, but maybe she should leave her family out of her interviews. Otherwise, she might have to explain to a reporter down the road about what exactly went wrong with her marriage and home life!

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