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3 Ways Hot Weather Leads To Good Sex

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One-hundred-degree weather doesn't typically evoke sensuality, but sex author Ian Kerner (Sex Recharge, She Comes First) argues that stifling temperatures can actually heat up your sex life. In fact, a humid afternoon could actually (gasp) be an aphrodisiac. Here's three ways Kerner makes the case for why summer could very well be the sexiest season. Summer Fling Checklist

1.) Sweat is sexy. It releases natural pheromones: Ian Kerner's first tip for braving the nasty funk of summer's stenchiest afternoons? Don't fight it. Get out of the A/C and soak up the heat. Insane? Perhaps. But you, your partner and your libido may thank him later.

"It may sound a little counterintuitive, but sweat releases the body's natural pheromones. Go with the heat, get out and break a sweat," he said. "Sweat contains steroid hormones that act like your body's natural perfume, except it's your natural scent which has an aphrodisiac effect."

2.) Outdoor activities are sexy. They encourage endorphins: Endorphins are your body's natural feel-good chemicals, so take advantage of the sunshine-laden afternoons and balmy nights to get in touch with your inner Golden Retriever. Go running in the park, play frisbee at the beach, go sightseeing or hiking.

"Exercise is great for self-esteem building. Plus, any kind of physical activity released endorphins," he said. In some studies endorphins from exercise have been linked to better sex, especially in women, so take advantage of this jacket-free weather and get physical. Outdoor Camping goes Glam

3.) Outdoor touching is sexy. It amps up oxytocin.

Sex writer be damned, Ian Kerner isn't sold on outdoor sex. He cautions against getting horizontal (vertical, bent, whatever) in public due to a little thing called the law. But he's all for couples getting handsy. In fact, good sex behind closed doors depends on it.

"A little playful exhibitionism could be fun, but you'd be surprised at the number of people who actually get arrested having outdoor sex," he said. "Instead, I'd recommend adding a little extra suntan lotion, or some public displays of affection. There was a study that showed if you hug your partner for thirty seconds ore more, especially in women, it increases oxytocin levels. And oxytocin in women plays a huge role in sexual desire. It really just comes down to touching," he said. Touch and the 20-Second Kiss

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