Samples Of The Best Online Dating Profiles.

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If you ever have trouble falling asleep, scan the dating profiles on any dating site from to PerfectMatch. They’re a natural sedative. Everyone likes the same things and sounds the same.But, you can be different. You can hire a professional ad writer to write your online dating profile (me!) or you can read the following excerpts and see how average online dating profiles were transformed into great ones.DATING PROFILE SAMPLE 1I had a client who loved to cook and collect antique cookbooks. She was also very unconventional. Her dating profile – like so many others – said, I love to cook. I changed it to an opening line could not be overlooked. Plus, it summed up just how interesting she was.I have a recipe that says, “Catch and pluck 10 chickens”. But, don’t worry, I don’t usually do what I’m told.”DATING PROFILE SAMPLE 2I had a client who loved to travel – a fairly common interest. After probing further, I learned that she was a very elegant woman who used to don her mother’s high heels as a child then go in her parents’ vehicle and pretend she was driving. So I wrote an opening line that conveyed a passion for travel, as well as sophistication.When I was little, I’d put on heels, climb into our car and pretend I was driving.I don’t know why I wore heels but I do know that I still love to travel.DATING PROFILE SAMPLE 3I had a client who was a risk taker and adventurer. In his dating profile he wrote the best place I ever visited was Peru. When I asked him why, he gave me information that transformed his dating profile in a way that brought his personality and experiences to life:I had dinner with an indigenous family in Peru. They fed me guinea pig then offered their daughter’s hand in marriage.RANDOM SAMPLESHere’s how common interests turned into interesting ones:I love animals became:I rescued a cat that was missing a tail. I adopted a terrier that was missing a leg. Though I’m not missing anything myself, I do have extra time for the right woman.I love short stories became:I spent two full days obsessed with trying to catch a killer. It’s a good thing I love short stories more than novels; otherwise I’d never get anything done.I like sci-fi became:No one imitates Yoda the way I do.Be sure to fill out the free personality quiz at to uncover your unique traits.