Bella Cruise Hates Katie Holmes, Wants To Move

Bella Cruise reportedly feels left out at home and wants to move in with Nicole Kidman.

Bella Cruise Katie Holmes

What is going on over at the Holmes-Cruise household? First, we hear that the couple is contemplating a reality show, in order to demonstrate to the world what a "normal" couple they are, and now there's rumors of drama between Katie Holmes and Tom's adopted, 17-year-old daughter, Isabella Cruise.

According to In Touch Weekly via, the custody agreement between Tom Cruise and ex Nicole Kidman has left Bella and adopted brother Connor spending the majority of their time with Tom. They rarely, if ever, see Nicole, but now that they are getting older, Bella, at least, wants to contest the custody situation and live with Nicole and her hunky, country singer husband, Keith Urban. Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes—Reality TV Stars?


Supposedly, Tom spends a lot of male bonding time with Connor, and Katie, whom Bella reportedly "hates," shops all the time with her daughter Suri, so Bella doesn't feel like she fits in anywhere. (Although, interesting enough, Nicole now has her own young daughter, Sunday Rose, so it's not like Bella would be the center of attention in the Kidman-Urban household either.) Katie Holmes' Scientology Pregnancy Preparation

However, Tom and Katie are worried that if she moves, "Bella will likely stop her Scientology studies since Nicole is anti-Scientology," despite the fact that she's almost 18 and should be able to do what she wants. And although Tom's rep has already denied this story, a teenage girl disliking her stepmother and wanting to go live with her real one seems like a rather common family drama.
Our verdict: With this family turmoil, a Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes reality show, with frequent appearances by ex Nicole Kidman, would make for fascinating reality TV, but we don't see why on earth any of them would want to do it.


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