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Is Bristol Palin Pregnant Again?

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston

Despite the fact that their mothers are livid, Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have gotten engaged fast and have announced that they want to get married even more quickly, supposedly sometime in the next six weeks, leaving many to wonder what their rush is.

Well, according to, 19-year-old Bristol may be pregnant again, despite her stance that she and Levi, 20, are not currently sexually active. It's hard to believe that being teenage parents to one baby already , 2-year-old Tripp, wouldn't deter the couple from unprotected sex, but sources point to Bristol's weight gain as an explanation for the shotgun wedding. There's also the fact that selling baby photos to a tabloid is a good way to make money. (Reportedly, Us Magazine paid a "huge but undisclosed" amount of money for the exclusive engagement story.) Bristol Palin And Levi Johnston Are Engaged

Another rumor floating around is that Bristol and Levi are shopping their own reality TV show, and this one seems more credible, given Levi's "Ricky Hollywood" moniker and the fact that he is seemingly willing to do whatever it takes to stay in the limelight and make a quick buck. (See his Playgirl editorial, talk show appearances, "date" with Kathy Griffin, etc.) Bristol apparently likes to be on camera as well, and even recently appeared on the TV show The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

"Within the next four to six weeks Palin's PR people will be releasing news that Bristol and Levi have signed on to 'star' in a new reality show. All about young parenting. And yes, they will also work up to a wedding," reports Gawker, via the New York Daily News.

So could the pair be the Heidi and Spencer of Alaska? Not if Sarah Palin has anything to do with it. According to, Sarah is willing to do anything to get rid of Levi again, whom she hasn't forgiven for using the media to throw mud at her for the past year or so. (Obviously, Levi's press release apology didn't work its charm on her.) Levi Johnston: Dear Palins, Sorry For The Lies

"Levi did everything he could to destroy Sarah and her family. He has accused Sarah of being a bad mother, a bad wife and a bad leader. How can he walk back into their life like nothing happened? He should think again...He may have won Bristol back, but he will never gain the trust of Sarah. She doesn't forgive and forget," said a source close to the family.

Ouch! We're guessing that if there is a reality show, that Grandma Sarah might not be making many guest appearances.

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