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What To Watch: New 'Strange Sex' Series On TLC

older woman touching arm of younger driver

What do you get when you cross a sensual 73-year-old woman with a 33-year-old single father in a salsa bar in Manhattan? No, this isn't a set up for some obscure bar joke. Rather, it's the premise for the premiere episode of TLC's new series Strange Sex.

Starting Sunday, July 18 at 10 and 10:30 p.m. ET/PT, TLC will air two back-to-back episodes of Strange Sex, a six-part series exploring "unconventional bedroom behavior."

With candid, personal narratives and commentary from medical professionals and experts, each half-hour episode delves into a realm of all things sex, with no topic too kooky, kinky, or taboo off limits. 5 Wacky Sexual Fetishes To Start Your Day

That brings us back, then, to Hattie, a 73-year-old cougar with a penchant for casual encounters and men in their 30s. Enter Ron, a man 40 years her junior who's always dated older women (Yes, you could call him a cub). Will the two hit it off, despite a staggering age difference of four decades? (In conversation, the two find that Hattie could be Ron's grandmother.)

But make no mistake: the show does have substance. The episode explains the cougar-cub phenomenon and reveals both Hattie's and Ron's sexual histories and romantic philosophies. And in an true, authentic moment, Hattie explains that she's not looking for love—she already lives a life of love. She simply wants to find a partner with whom she can share that life.

And so, in a fashion true to what TLC does best—they did get us to care about Jon and Kate, after all—Strange Sex somehow endears us to its subjects no matter how unusual their fetishes or bizarre and mysterious their conditions. After just a half hour, we found ourselves hoping that show producers will provide us with a satisfying "Where are they now?" special (if you're reading this, please, please). And we haven't even told you yet about the former Broadway star and sex educator who explains how she thinks herself into having an orgasm. . .

Throughout the series, Strange Sex introduces viewers to truly strange sexual encounters and situations, from an Iraq war veteran who experiences pain only during intercourse, to a man with a balloon fetish, and woman who tries to have an orgasm during childbirth for a second time. How To Love The Man Who Loves Your Feet

And while at times, it can feel almost uncomfortable or intrusive to have these individuals reveal the intimate details of their sex lives with us, we're reminded of our new friend, Hattie, who assures us that there's nothing wrong with sharing your life of love with others.

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