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If You Can’t Remember, It Never Happened

If a tree falls in the forest, does it make any noise? Obviously it still makes noise, but does it really matter since no one heard it? If a guy cheats on his girlfriend but doesn’t remember it because he was blackout drunk, does it really matter? Based on my previous logic I’m tempted to say it doesn’t, but doing so I risk getting mauled by angry women everywhere.

To me, it depends on the value that couples put on sex. Is it a sacred, lovemaking act or is it just two people indulging in some carnal pleasures? If you’re from the latter camp then no, drunken sex doesn’t matter and thus doesn’t count as cheating because there was no emotional attachment to the person. Also if your guy doesn’t remember it and subsequently can’t confess about it does it count as lying or an affair? If you fall into the first camp then yes, by all means flip out at your guy and the other person, consider it an affair, and proceed to key his cherry red corvette.

All I’m saying is that usually cheating, and furthermore the act of getting that drunk, is symptomatic of some deeper problem in the relationship. If the guy feels bad and confesses saying it meant nothing to him and that hell tone down the drinking so that it never happens again, is that ok?

There was an episode on Entourage where E gets drunk and cheats on his girlfriend (G-d knows its not Sloan because she’s the perfect women and thus doesn’t worry about getting cheated on) and then is debating whether to tell her. Vince tells him that if you want to remain with your girlfriend then you keep your mouth shut and you never do it again. Confessing is just a selfish way to relieve your own guilt because it’ll destroy the girl. Ultimately, he finds out that he was cheated on first and thus rationalizes it and tells her (he also tells her how many times just to spite her) and they subsequently break up. Is there any truth to this?

Should drunken flings be forgotten along with the night that caused it?

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