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10 Summer Trends Men Hate

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Summer is a season of extremes -- it's the stickiest, hottest, humidest part of the year; there are tornadoes and thunderstorms; cold beer tastes colder and beer-ier; and women -- you wonderful, insane women -- start wearing next to nothing at all. You know what men love? Half-naked women. Lemondrop: A Controversy Over Curves - Women Fired For Being Too Hot.

While dudes are still sporting suits to the office (this is why I've never had a "real" job -- I've seen rotisserie chickens at Boston Market look more comfortable than those poor bastards), women are going to work in sundresses, shorts, skirts ... their skin is everywhere. Huzzah to summer! Lemondrop: The Beauty Bias: Can Companies Discriminate Based On Looks?
The summer season is a bit of lay-up for you ladies; you can almost do no wrong. But—and this is sort of a huge but—there are some summer fashion trends that are kind of inexplicable to us guys. 
Let's take a look and try to figure out what the hell is going on with these outfits. 
1. Military-Inspired Anything
You know what doesn't inspire most men when it comes to beachwear for ladies? The military. You know what I don't want to see on the beach? A gal who looks like she's on patrol in Afghanistan's Korangel Valley. I saw a couple of cute women getting on a train at Penn Station with beach gear: the big, striped bag with the lotions and books and towels, a cooler, the oversize sunglasses... It was a perfect little image of summer until I noticed they both appeared to be wearing camo and mesh tents over their boobs. Gals? It's Long Beach Island and it's 2010, not Omaha Beach in 1944.
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Written by [Redacted] Guy for Lemondrop.

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