Ridiculous Cougar Myths To Ignore

cougar, older woman, younger man

5 common misconceptions about older women who date younger men.

Linda Franklin, founder of TheRealCougarWoman.com, debunks the top five myths about older women who love younger men.

Cougars are getting a bum rap—but you don't need me to tell you that. The media is having a field day portraying women over 40 as predators with only one thing on their minds—prowling for "Grade A" choice beef. Of course, this cartoon characterization was undoubtedly conceived by some immature male in the midst of a juicy, X-rated fantasy—but too many people are buying into the hype and believing it's true.

There are so many myths circulating about cougars, and there is nothing I enjoy more than debunking them. Haven't we worked too hard and busted through too many glass ceilings to sit quietly by? In my opinion, we need to flaunt our achievements. It's time to show that we won't be relegated to the category of man-hungry, sex-starved females on the attack.

Let's show the world who we really are and what's important to us.  

Here are my Top 5 Cougar Myths:        

1. Cougars are on the prowl. That's ridiculous. In fact, it's the younger men that are actually doing the chasing. We are busy with our careers, family and friends. Prowling simply isn't on our agenda.      

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2. Cougars don't want lasting relationships. Show me a woman who doesn't want to be truly loved—it's in our genetic makeup. All of us want the right partner to share our lives with, regardless of age.

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