Did George Lopez Cheat On His Wife With Hookers?

George Lopez is the latest creep to allegedly cheat on his wife.

George Lopez and wife Ann Serrano

Et tu, George? The National Enquirer is reporting that George Lopez is the latest Hollywood slimeball to cheat on his wife- and not just with some tattooed tramp, but with hookers!

"I had sex with George Lopez for money, and so did a friend of mine," alleged a prostitute named "Tiffany" to the tabloid magazine. "He wanted a threesome and texted me..."

Why do we have a feeling that George’s business partner and good friend Sandra Bullock will not be amused to read about this? 7 Most Repulsive Celebrity Jerks


What makes the Enquirer’s allegations even more disturbing is that George’s wife, Ann Serrano Lopez, saved his life in 2005, by giving him one of her kidneys after he needed a transplant due to a deteriorating genetic disease. How on earth could you cheat on someone who gave you a vital organ, George?

For Ann’s sake, we hope this story is not true. But with all of the celebrity cheating scandals that have been reported in the past year (yes, we’re casting our judgmental eyes down at you Tiger Woods, Jesse James, John Edwards, David Letterman, and David Boreanaz!), we won’t be surprised if George Lopez is just another Hollywood philanderer who thought he could get away with it.