4 Summer Beauty Trends Men Love

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How to pull off the summer hair and makeup beauty trends that men will love.

Get ready for one hot summer. This seasons beauty trends are all about going au naturale. Check out how to master the summer makeup and hair looks that you guy will love.

Why He Loves It: Men can't always appreciate a nice makeup job like we can. He just wants to see your gorgeous face, and your smoky eye makeup and crimson lips can get in the way. He'll love this summer's natural, barely there look.

How to Get It: The secret to a muted makeup look that still flaunts all of your best features is perfect skin. Start with a makeup primer: we love MAC's Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone, which shrinks pores, controls shine all day, and is a great base for foundation or concealer. For sweaty summer months, choose a foundation that's oil-free, and don't overdo it: just apply where you have redness and discoloration for a natural, flawless look.

Why He Loves It: Wavy, surfer-chic hair looks fuss-free, but has all the appeal of sexy bedroom hair. The slightly wild style also looks totally touchable, and he won't be able to stop think about running his hands through it.

How to Get It: If you have natural waves or curls, this is your season! Keep frizz under control with an anti-frizz serum (in a pinch, hand lotion will do the job too!). For those of you with stick-straight hair, this is an easy look for you, too. Wash your hair at night and while it's still damp, run a dollop of curl-defining gel from the roots to the ends. Then, start braiding and twisting! For a more natural look, change up the sizes of the braids and twist some pieces instead of braiding: twist a damp section of hair until it starts to coil on its own, and then pin the coiled bun to your head with a bobby pin. Sleep on it and then let your hair loose in the morning for perfect waves.

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