Edie Falco: Content As A Lesbian-Friendly Old Maid

But Ms. Falco makes it clear, she does like men... short haircut and all.

Edie Falco

Edie Falco (aka Carmela from The Sopranos aka Nurse Jackie) recently sat down with The Daily Beast to talk about all her wonderfulness but instead was assaulted with some very personal questions.

"Does it make you sad, Edie, that you've never been married?" asks a cheeky Kevin Sessums... because why wouldn't it, Edie? Is it because you are a lesbian? he would later ask. 5 Things Single Women Hate To Hear


Of. All. The. Nerve.

Good thing our girl Edie has some grace and poise.

Below, all the juicy bits.

Does it make you sad, Edie, that you've never been married?
No. No. I'm not sad about any of my life. It's so unconventional. It doesn't look anything like I thought it would. I really am just making it up as I go along. And it took me a long time to realize that's OK. But if the main centerpiece of all of this is supposed to be love then I am living in a deluge of it—the friendships that I have that are, on the average, 30 years old, my family, my children. In my household there is an insane amount of laughter and celebration. My kids have never seen me scream at anybody. They've never seen an argument. There's never been even a cold silence. And those are things that I grew up with because my parents did end up divorcing.

But you do play it a bit butch.
Yeah, it's begun to get more like that. And the words lend themselves to that. I mean, she's been around the block a few times.

You do have a whole lesbian fanbase. You are aware of that.
I know. I've been told about that. It's thrilling. Maybe it's because my character on Nurse Jackie doesn't take a lot of shit. Not that that means that's a lesbian thing.

But they were your fans back during your Carmela days, too.
Really! Wow! Then I don't friggin' know why.

Have you ever buttered that side of your toast?
I beg your pardon! I am so not going there. Wow. I've never heard it put that way either. But no. I'm afraid I like boys. [Source: The Daily Beast]

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