A Funny Fake? The Chelsea Handler "Sex Tape"

Chelsea Handler Sex Tape

RadarOnline.com wants you to believe that Chelsea Handler has a sex tape. Sandwiched in between clips of her stand up routine, the comedienne is seen down on all fours, her breasts swinging, taking it from behind from a nice British chap, who then asks, "Did we get the (bleep) shot?" 6 Infamous Celebrity Sex Tape Stars

There really isn't anything sexy about it, but then again "sexy" is hardly the case when it comes to any of these things.

The video, which was purportedly shot when she was 23-years-old, then switches back to her stand-up routine. An embarrassing oversight, or a purposeful insertion designed to get comedy agents' attention? Make Your Best Sex Tape Yet

"The tape you have is an old tape that was done for a stand up comedy bit," the Chelsea Lately star's rep Steven Huvane said late Wednesday afternoon, an explanation that is also confirmed by RadarOnline's own "inside sources" and underlined by the woman herself below:

This is an old demo tape that Chelsea had put together just a couple years after moving out to Hollywood when she was trying to make it as a comedienne," the source who showed RadarOnline.com the tape said. It was on a VHS tape and appears to have been taped over.

Chelsea gave this demo tape to a bunch of talent agents and managers hoping to book some gigs," the source continues. "It was taken so long ago and distributed on old VHS tapes, that I'm sure most people just threw them out because her stand-up was so bad and they didn't realize she would make it big one day. It's highly possible that many of the recipients of the tape didn't even watch past the first couple of minutes and missed the sex tape part altogether." [Source: RadarOnline.com]

So, yes. It looks like RadarOnline's "big scoop" is nothing more than a walk down memory lane for Chelsea Handler, whose only embarrassment would likely be the the unflattering lighting framing her face. After all, it looks like the tape is finally fulfilling its purpose: attention.