Amy Adams & Isla Fisher Are Both Pregnant And Hard To Tell Apart

We’ve never been able to tell Amy Adams and Isla Fisher apart. They’re both red-heads, they’re both funny in that quirky girl-next-door kind of way, and now, they’re both pregnant at the same time too. Not since Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley appeared in Star Wars together, has it been so confusing trying to tell two, unrelated actresses apart. (Even People Magazine recently posted a pic of a pregnant Isla, which might actually be a pregnant Amy, according to commenters.)

Back in February 2009, Isla Fisher told Allure Magazine that, "If Shopaholic is a hit, then it was Isla Fisher in the movie, and if it doesn't work out, it was Amy Adams." (Perhaps, she is the slightly funnier one of the two.)

So, how do you tell the two actresses apart?

Amy, 35, is American and expecting her first child with fiancé Darren Le Gallo in early May (although from the looks of it, she’s ready to pop any day now!) Amy has starred in more critically acclaimed movies like Junebug (for which she snagged an Oscar nom) and two with Meryl Streep (Doubt and Julie & Julia) but she is only engaged, not married, and her actor fiancé is a lot less famous than Isla’s.

Meanwhile, Aussie Isla, 34, is best known for commercial hits like Confessions of a Shopaholic and Wedding Crashers, but is one ahead of Amy in the child department. She is on her second pregnancy with husband Sacha Baron Cohen; however, Isla is staying mum on the whole topic and is trying to strategically cover her expanding belly with shaws and large bags. (The jig is up Isla! Unless you have accidentally swallowed a beach ball, there’s no other explanation for why your stomach is so big and the rest of you so small.) Isla and Sacha already have a two-year-old daughter named Olive.

Now, as long as Jenna Fischer, 36, from The Office doesn’t become pregnant too, we might have a shot at telling all of these ladies apart!