Must-Read Sex Secrets From Dr. Ruth

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Picking Dr. Ruth's brain for sex secrets she's learned from years as an expert.

Everybody's favorite sexpert, Dr. Ruth (or Ruth Westheimer, Ph.D, if you're curious about her full name) is out with a new book, Top Ten Secrets for Great Sex: How to Enjoy It, Share It and Love It Each and Every Time. In an interview with AOL Health, she reveals a few of her secrets and answers to some of her most frequently asked sex and relationship questions.

AOL Health: Most lovers appreciate foreplay, but your new book, Top 10 Secrets for Great Sex, addresses the equal importance of afterplay. Can you explain what it entails and why it's important?

Dr. Ruth: It's particularly important for both men and women to realize that the curve of sexual arousal after orgasm is a much slower one for women than for men. That's why it's so important for women to teach their partners that they need to be caressed, held and talked to after they have orgasm. This kind of afterplay is so important that it will actually be the foreplay for the next sexual encounter. When men say it's physiological that they have to go to sleep right after sexual intercourse, that's nonsense. That's just being sexually illiterate. They have to be taught that important aspect of the sexual encounter.

AOL Health: When you say that afterplay acts as foreplay for the next sexual encounter, could that be an hour later or even a week later?

Dr. Ruth: Or a week later, right. Because if that afterplay has been successful, there is a glow that can last a long time.

AOL Health: What's the most common question you're asked about sex?

Dr. Ruth: Well, they fall into the category of relationships and the category of specific sex issues. For relationships, communication is not the way he or she would like it, they are bored with each other or there are more serious issues -- like they are worried their partner is seeing someone else. And in terms of the sexual questions, I get very many about premature ejaculation. Despite all the books and all the talk about sex, there is still quite some ignorance about the issue of erectile difficulties like premature ejaculation or obtaining or maintaining an erection. Even though we have made progress -- we have less women who have not heard the message that the woman has to take the responsibility for her own sexuality and that even the best lover, even one trained by me, cannot bring her to orgasm if she does not teach him how she needs to be caressed -- we still have to do a lot of educating.

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