How To Dress To!

We as women, tend to dress for women, instead of for men, are ultimate target


Stop dressing for the competition:Women love to dress for women! We worry so much about the detail and the price, and the fabric of what we are wearing! Men are so simple, too simple in fact! They don't get those fashion choices. The more simple your outfit, the more he can see YOU, not your Marc Jacobs dress.
In a sea of women, you want to stand out. But that does not necessarily mean you need more bells and whistles. You sometimes need to be the most quiet in the room (dress wise). While everyone is wearing too short skirts, and too low tops and too high heels wearing a simple black dress, and a stiletto, could have a better outcome.


Man talk

Men and women communicate differently. The words enter the brain the same, but somewhere inside the process produces completely different results. There is no need trying to fight genetics, this is the way it will always be. Just learn to live with it.
For instance...

You wear a beautiful new pair of snake skin sling back shoes they cost you 1 months rent, and you will be eating oatmeal for breakfast, lunch and dinner until pay day.
Women see these shoes and think: OMG, those are the slingbacks from Saks I saw the other day! Oh no this bitch did not buy those expensive shoes! She probably charged it. Damn they are cute, I wonder if they came in brown?


Men see the shoes and think: Those shoes make her legs look nice, (his eyes travel up) and her ass.

You have on a v-ckeck sweater in black.

Women see you and think: I wonder if that shirt can in mauve, note to self, go sweater shopping.

Men see you and think: Tits!... Nice Tits!

You just left the salon, after 3 hours of cut color, miracle. You go to dinner with the girls to celebrate your new look.

Women see you and think: I wonder if she is covering her gray hair? Is that a weave? Let me stop hating and ask her for her stylist number.

Men see you and think: Hot...she is hot

You see the difference? Women care about details. Men are too busy looking at you in your clothing and imaging what you look like out of them. So whatever you wear, make sure it shows how good you look naked...without actually being naked.


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