Angry Father Castrates Daughter's Older Boyfriend

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Meeting the parents did not go as expected for one young lady in Germany.

We've all dated someone who didn't pass our parents' approval meter, but nothing, not even Dad's "rules for courting my little girl" lectures, can beat how this 47-year-old German man taught his daughter's older boyfriend a lesson. Helmut Seifert, father of a seventeen year-old girl, castrated Philip Genscher, 57, with a bread knife after an anonymous tipper notified him of their relationship. 5 Things To Notice When Meeting His Parents

All right, we'll concede to the awkwardness of having your daughter date someone ten years your senior, but isn't it enough to just confiscate her cell phone? According to the Telegraph, Seifert recruited two coworkers from his factory before heading to Genscher's home in the next town over. Police say that Seifert forced Genscher to remove his pants, and while Genscher was fully aware, chopped off his junk. Seifert stalked off with the testicles (presumably in a Ziplock bag), while Genscher laid on the floor, bleeding to death. Before he lost consciousness, Genscher managed to call the police. What Do You Do If Your Parents Don't Approve of Your Partner?

Unfortunately, there was nothing paramedics could do for Genscher besides saving his life. This man will be a eunuch forever. Seifert will likely go on trial next year, but seemingly feels little remorse for his actions. When Seifert first heard of his daughter's relationship, he requested invervention from the police, but they professed to have no control of the situation. 25-Year Age Difference: Can It Work?

"You said you couldn't stop him, so I did," Seifert said. "I saw it as my duty as a father."

A couple of thoughts before we continue recoiling in horror. First, we're feeling slightly less resentful of how our families treat our significiant others. Secondly, there's something fishy about this story. How did the father convince the boyfriend to take his pants off? If police are telling the truth, it wasn't drugs; Genscher was fully conscious during the procedure. We'll also note that bread knives aren't very sharp. If you're going to castrate somebody, you should at least have the decency to slice his junk off cleanly with a cleaver.

If this story isn't a warning about dating a minor, it's a cry for anger management, and possibly a psychological evaluation.

How did your parents react when you brought home an S.O. they didn't like?