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Love Bytes: Are You His Girlfriend Or His Sex Doll?

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It's important for women to understand the minds of men; if you know how he thinks, you can make better decisions on how to spend your time, missy. (For instance, then you can know for sure whether he deep down truly considers you his girlfriend and not his personal, ultra-high-end sex doll.) [CollegeCandy]

Simcha calls out all the signs that lead to only one conclusion: that you ain't nothin' but a playa. [The Frisky]

Emily McCombs is back at it again with "A Woman's Perspective On...", this time tackling birth control and highlighting the realities (both positives and negatives) of coitus-interruptus, i.e., "pulling-out." [Asylum]

According to this husband-and-wife team of doctors, women can make themselves more attractive to men by getting in close and looking up (as in literally tilting your head up) into a man's eyes—too bad this only works if the girl is significantly shorter than the guy. [lemondrop

Dream Interpretation: So what does it mean, being a single girl just out of a breakup, when you dream of breaking into your ex's apartment? [Em & Lo]

Author Judith Acosta discusses forgiveness and how to go about it after you've been hurt by a narcissist. [Huffington Post Living]

For all the women who like to stay on the fence within their relationships, it's important for you to know what to look for in a significant other that makes him truly right for you—a true "keeper". [Glo]

Men have their secrets, especially when it comes to sex, love, relationships and women in general. Male dating blogger, Rich Santos, spills the beans on 20 of those secrets. [MarieClaire]

Women are constantly threatened by creepy-ass dudes—remember that recent viral video of a woman goin' berserk on the subway 'cus some nasty-ass guy tried to rub his junk up on her? Yeah, well here are 6 accounts of young women standing up to creepers—some of their tactics are pretty clever, we must say! [Cosmopolitan]

Fewer people are getting hitched these days—what can you do about it? Why does it matter? Why should it matter? [Double X]

Take it from a kid who actually tried and went out into the world to be a date doctor like Will Smith in Hitch (and failed miserably)—what you see in romantic comedies alone can be pretty far-fetched if not completely useless. Here are some love and sex myths perpetuated by the movies: [Aol Health]

Some celebs actually have enough sense to not limit themselves to incestuously dating within their own celeb circles. Guys like Damon, De Niro and Denzel have made wonderful decisions falling for non-celeb women—take a look at them and 9 other examples of down-to-earth male celebs: [The Gloss]