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Christina Milian Gets $4 Million In Divorce Settlement

Christina Milian and The-Dream walking together.

Apparently a few months of Christina Milian's company is worth a whopping $4 million! According to CelebBuzz, Christina Milian's soon-to-be ex-husband, R&B singer, The-Dream is paying big time for the few months he spent married to the singer/actress. The couple tied the knot in September of 2009 but were already separated by that Thanksgiving (no joke). But get this: In addition to owing Millian a one-time cash settlement of $4 million, The-Dream will be forking over an additional $5,000 a month to his baby mama to pay for the couple's new baby, Violet.

What does The-Dream get in return besides a lifetime of bills? Well, it looks to us like The-Dream wasn't such a "dream" to be married to. In exchange for all the moola, Milian has agreed to never say a word about her (almost) ex-husband or their relationship. Geez, we wonder what this dude wants to hide (and what Christina has agreed to bottle up for the rest of her life). But we do know that their split got ugly for awhile. The-Dream filed for divorce just nine days after she gave birth to their daughter. Yeah, talk about a complete you-know-what.

Not surprisingly, the new mama retaliated by insisting that their marriage wasn't "irretrievably broken" as The-Dream claimed in the divorce papers, but that her husband had cheated on her. We also find it interesting that according to TMZ, Milian had signed a settlement agreement with The-Dream waving alimony or ownership rights to his property. But Milian later claimed the only reason she signed the papers was because her husband brought them to her bedside when she was nine-months preggars and "in no condition to sign" them. (The guy sure sounds like a dream, huh?)

Apparently the courts agreed with Christina … or she had some pretty good blackmail on The-Dream, because he's now forking over a major sum of money to his soon-to-be ex-wife. And although The-Dream sounds like a real class act (clearly, we're being sarcastic here), Milian only had to put in a few months … well, not even, and now she's set for life and so is her daughter. So we think she's the one who came out on top in the end. After all, it's not like people are clamoring to hear about The-Dream. (Does anyone even really know who he is other than the fact that he's the schmuck Milian married?) So we're guessing it won't be hard for Christina to keep her mouth shut about the dude and move on. Meanwhile, we doubt (or at least, hope) we'll ever hear much about him again.