Emma Watson's Love Woes

Emma Watson

Poor (but rich!) Emma Watson. If we were her, we wouldn’t understand guys either. After admitting to Parade that she doesn’t understand guys and often had to turn to Harry Potter co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint for advice, the guys go ahead and rat her out by saying that her kissing style was just "ok" and caught them "pretty off guard." Well, how’s that for a vote of confidence?

It’s no wonder Watson said she often struggles with questions like, "What is going on here? What should I be doing? I don’t understand." If a guy tells us that they basically had to suffer through an on-screen kiss, we might begin to doubt ourselves as well. Sounds to us like they should be the ones asking questions about the right things to say to girls rather than the other way around!

On the other hand, at least Watson can admit she doesn’t quite understand her male counterparts. Most Hollywood ingénues walk around like they are the best thing to grace Tinseltown and can nab any guy that want. So kudos to Watson for acknowledging that it isn’t easy and much harder than it looks.

She should know. The 20-year-old quietly split from financier Jay Barrymore, 29, earlier this year due to the pressure of a transatlantic relationship (Watson attends Brown University in the States, while Barrymore resides in England). Since then, "things are pretty quiet. Not much is going," she told Parade.

Even when Watson does meet young blokes (that’s what they call them in England, right?), there’s always the fame factor that complicates things. She told AceShowbiz that "I suppose that some boys feel a bit intimated by me and stay on their guard."

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We say that even though a little bit of intimidation is normal (and any guy who says no is bluffing!), the right guy will embrace everything about Watson. We’d wish her good luck, but we don’t think she needs it. Radcliffe and Grint on the other hand...