Calling All Men! 10 Gifts Your Lady Secretly Wants

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OK, so that gift card you got her last year was great because she got to pick out whatever she wanted, but here's a hint: Picking out an actual gift for her will win you more points. Sound daunting? Never fear, YourTango is here! We've got some ideas that'll please even the pickiest lady but won't make your wallet cower in fear.

1. Sultra Bombshell Curling Rod. This pricey ceramic tool seems a little on the ridiculous side, but trust us, if your lady has curly hair she's always trying to de-frizz; if she's got straight hair she's always trying to curl (and she's almost certainly got one or the other). The Sultra Bombshell Curling Rod does both and is no doubt on her wish list this year--even if she doesn't yet know it. This fancy hair gadget is made of Kyocera ceramic that not only protects her hair from heat damage, but actually repairs it with infrared rays. Think of it as her version of the lightsaber. One that will give her smooth, sultry frizz-free waves. In short, this gadget will change her world. We've used this seemingly odd gift, and can confirm that it's as magical as they say!
(, $130)

2. MyPressi Twist. Whether she spends her day at work hunched over a computer or at home harriedly raising your children, one thing is certain: your lady works hard. All that hard work can make her exhausted, and it certainly makes her deserving of a nice treat. The MyPressi TWIST handles both: The world's first portable espresso maker means she can have a delicious pick-me-up any time she wants. All she'll need for her afternoon jolt is a stash of coffee and hot water. The TWIST's breakthrough pneumatic engine ensures a perfect espresso without having to make a frantic Starbucks run (or pay an exorbitant price for a mediocre coffee). For gals who order their usuals with extra foam, make sure you tack on the milk frother. (, $169)

3. Vintage Stewardess Bag. Sure, a suitcase with wheels is convenient, but there's something super romantic about the old days when flying meant glamour instead of throwing on sweats and taking your life apart for airport security. A vintage stewardess bag isn't the most practical gift, but it will make your next weekend getaway or her trip to the gym that much more memorable. And vintage means she'll be the only one of her friends to have it. Plus, it'll win you some points for going to the trouble to scout out something unique. We found this great three-piece set on Etsy; eBay is a good place to search, too. (, $60 for the set)

4. Rosanna Dishes. They may not make sense to you, but she'll love this whimsical little dishes. And she'll have you to thank when her friends rave about them at your next dinner party. For the lady who appreciates classic decor, the elegant red and white design of the Red Velvet collection will add an air of sophistication to her ladies' luncheons. The baker will thrill at serving her creations on some adorable cupcake plates. (Red Velvet Collection, $35 for four appetizer plates; Cupcake Collection, $40 for a set of four).

5. A day off. She works hard, then she comes home and helps with homework, plays housekeeper, chef, referee to the kids' fights, and the list goes on. The best gift you could give her? A day off. Take the kids for a day and ship her off to her favorite spa, armed with a good book and a gift card. When she returns home, you'll have cooked, cleaned and popped a bottle of wine to continue the relaxation. It's almost a sure bet she'll be feeling so good you'll get a little something in return. (, starting at $50)

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