5 Surprisingly Sexy Winter Olympic Sports

Male Speed Skater

The 2010 Winter Olympics are off and running and, with all of the hot athletes strutting their stuff and steaming up our chilly winter nights, we thought it was time to get organized about our event viewing. While ice skating is certainly the most glam and obviously provocative to watch, we're getting interested in some of the more high-octane, masculine events at the games. Fearless men in top physical form with fierce competitive streaks? Yes please! Olympics + Archery = Engagement

1) Freestyle Skiing. Any downhill skiing event is thrilling to watch, but the artistry and creativity of the freestyle mogul jumpers and aerialists give us an additional adrenaline rush. When it comes to creativity and showmanship in the bedroom, we'd bet that freestyle skiers can deliver the goods.

2) Biathlon. We initially didn't know much about the biathlon, but now it's a new fave. The event consists of 12 miles of cross country skiing, punctuated by four instances of target-shooting with a rifle while both standing and prone. We imagine the sport is based on the life of the arctic hunter, but watching these men—in their skintight suits and with rifles strapped to their backs, charging through a snowy course—conjures up more of a Jason Bourne adventure-romance fantasy. And 12 miles? Just imagine the stamina these men must have... Elite Runners Often Have Difficulty Balancing Sport With Relationships

3) Curling. Curling is another surprisingly intriguing sport. It involves teamwork, strategy and focus. A shooter sends a polished granite stone sliding down a smooth sheet of ice while two sweepers help direct the stone to its target. While the stone noiselessly glides down the ice, the team members scream and growl, letting loose with an ecstatic, vocal "release" at the end...if they're successful. We can only imagine the precision, discipline, patience and focus a curler might apply to other areas of his life.

4) Skeleton. Skeleton is a form of tobaggoning, where the athlete lies on his stomach on a small sled and, face first, shoots a track while experiencing forces of up to 5 gs. One of the more dangerous and high-octane sports out there, this one's for true daredevils only. And talk about nerves of steel. These racers, clad only in skintight suits, helmet and goggles, do not have either steering or stopping capabilities. So for fearless living and a no-holds-barred manner, we think Skeleton racers would be thrilling partners. The Joy of Flex: Exercise Better Together

5) Speed Skating. Once again, we can't resist those skintight suits, which so perfectly show of these athletes' killer thighs. Add to this a take-no-prisoners mentality, and speed skating seems to be one of the ultimate examples of masculine energy, and the abilities of the male form. This year, speed skating has a major star and hunk in Shani Davis, the hotshot US skater who dared to dis his own sponsor, Stephen Colbert, who had been taking potshots at Canada where Davis had spent much time training. As elegant as it is aggressive, these ever-accelerating skaters provide all the testosterone fix a gal could want. For speed, intensity and stamina: speed skating; yes, speed skating.

So which sport do you think is the sexiest? And which do you think produces the best lovers?