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Hey Ladies! 6 Ways To Overcome The "Orgasm Gap" (You're Welcome!)

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Overcome The "Orgasm Gap"

Who knew the cure for some really big problems is right under our nose and between our legs. Yup, according to a post by Penelope Trunk, people who have orgasms earn more, hang out with higher powered people, are better at public speaking, and walk with a more confident gait.

Of course, there's always a hitch. Or in this case, a gap — the "orgasm gap."

Reports Hannah Seligson in the Daily Beast: "Women are shattering political glass ceilings, surpassing men in the workforce, and even winning Indy-car races. But there's one area where the gender gap has proved particularly stubborn: The orgasm gap."

Paula England, a professor of sociology at Stanford University, says the orgasm gap is as serious as the pay gap and "it's producing a rampant culture of sexual asymmetry."

Wow. "Sexual asymmetry!" That sounds so serious. How did we end up here?

One theory has to do with the oral sex inequity. Ladies, stop giving guys so many blowjobs and getting nothing back. I'm serious!

Another issue: men are still twice as likely to climax as women. In hookup situations men are twice as likely to orgasm than women (wild guess here, but could this be connected to the blowjob inequity?). In the context of relationships, women orgasm about 80% as often as men. Other research shows a third of women never had an orgasm during intercourse.

Sadly, we're all too familiar with the source of the problem. Just like with housework, men don't pull their weight on the orgasm front because no one makes them.

So here's my final advice on the matter:

1. Pass on the booty blowjob. As one man explained it, a guy "doesn’t really give a shit" about you with a causal hookup. So why do him any favors?

2. If you want to orgasm, take it seriously and assert yourself. Forget the women-as-passive-receiver stuff and get in there, take responsibility, and make it happen.

3. The clitoris and the penis have the same tissue. This is always a good opening line in explaining to a guy how it all works.

4. Try products that stimulate nerve endings, such a G Clitoral Stimulating Gel (my favorite).

5. Try a little nagging. Hey, if it didn't work, we would have stopped doing it a long time ago, right?

6. If all else fails, find yourself a new guy. And make sure he's rich. The London Times reports that the men who are best at giving women orgasms are also the richest men. (And you thought it was just about diamonds.)