Beyonce Admits She's Married To Jay-Z

Beyonce & Jay-Z

It appears that the biggest news to come out of last night's Grammy awards show (aside from the volume of poor fashion choices) is the fact that Beyonce Knowles finally—finallyadmitted that Jay-Z was her husband.

Beyonce and Jay-Z have been together for eight years, and were married in April 2008, but have for some reason remained quiet about both their relationship and their union. But, as she accepted her Best Female Vocal Performance award last night, excitement overtook her, and she thanked Jay-Z, saying, "I'd love to thank my family for all their support, including my husband. I love you."

Jay-Z reportedly looked surprised, despite the fact that they've been married for over a year. Perhaps he forgot.

The pair has always been private about their relationship, preferring to keep the media coverage focused on their careers. Either that or they've been using the ambiguity to enable them to flirt with other people. Which we don't really believe. That's just what we'd do. But Beyonce and Jay-Z have been so obviously in love for years.

Perhaps this onslaught of media attention will make Beyonce wish she'd kept her mouth shut. But we hope she has no regrets. The popular singer brought home fight trophies last night—including one in recognition of her "Single Ladies" song—making her the most celebrated female performer in history. We think she's justified in showing some emotion, and in throwing some love and gratitude her hubby's way.