Noah Wyle Cheated On Wife AND Mistress

Noah Wyle's split from his wife of 11 years was due in part to a year-long affair Noah had been carrying on with an actress, The National Enquirer reports, and also to another affair he had with a second actress starting last year. "They're living in separate homes near each other in the Santa Barbara area so they can each have quality time with the kids," a source told this week's Enquirer. "They've been meeting with a mediator to talk about dividing up property and custody arrangements."

Noah, who's 38, married Tracy Warbin in 1998. They met when she was working as a makeup artist on the 1997 film The Myth of the Fingerprints (which also starred Julianne Moore and was directed by Bart Freundlich, whom she married in 2003). The Wyles have two children, seven-year-old Owen and four-year-old Auden. They announced their breakup last week, but reportedly separated in October.

Now it seems like the split wasn't just a consequence of a couple growing apart or the eleven-year itch. The Enquirer says that Noah began having an affair in December 2008 with Tanna Frederick, whom he met while shooting the independent film Queen of the Lot. "When Tracy saw the film's initial footage, she could sense something was going on between Tanna and Noah," the source told the Enquirer. "Tracy called Tanna to confront her, and Tanna admitted the affair! Tracy was furious."

But it wasn't just Tanna. (What kind of name is Tanna?) Late last year, around the time he and Tracy separated, Noah began seeing another actress, which devastated Mistress #1. "Noah visited his new flame in New York while she was doing a Broadway play, and they've hooked up in Los Angeles numerous times," the source said. We'll now immediately begin speculating who he was sneaking around with that was working on Broadway last fall...could it be Sienna Miller?! Yeah, probably not.

If there's one thing we've learned from the Tiger Woods saga, it's that the saying is true: If he'll cheat with you, he'll cheat on you. Even so, this whole Noah-Wyle-is-cheating thing makes our 14-year-old selves desperately sad. We always thought that pointy face would be true 4-eva.

Via Celebitchy. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.