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3 Women Discuss Penis Size

3 Women Discuss Penis Size

In an effort to find out what women want when it comes to penis size, I enlisted the help of 3 women with varying opinions on the matter. One didn’t seem to care about the size, the other thought that an average size penis was adequate, and the last, well, she wanted a foot long, so to speak.

Meet the women discussing penis size

Anna, 28, real estate agent

Rhea, 34, graphic designer


Mary, 23, student

Question 1: What penis size do you think is ideal?

Anna: For me, personally, bigger has always been better. And yes, I’ve heard all the “you must have a huge vagina” jokes, but at the end of it all, I like the way a big penis looks and feels inside of my mouth and body.

Rhea: That doesn’t answer the question… how big is bigger?

Anna: Oh, you want a number? Okay, then I guess anything over 7 inches is good. But it has to be thick as well, I don’t want a pencil d*ck, either.

Mary: (measuring 7 inches on a ruler) Oh my, that is way to big for me, I’m more like, um, let’s see, 5 inches. Yeah, I think 5 is perfect for me, both esthetically and physically.

Rhea: Well, having spent time with a man who was about 3.5 inches, I have to admit that, although he upped his talent quotient in other areas, it still wasn’t enough to satisfy me. So I’ll go with the average of 5.5 to 6 inches worth. Esthetically speaking, though, the size just isn’t as important as the look in the grand scheme of things.

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