5 Easy Ways To Take Date Night From Meh To Mind-Blowing

Nurturing your own love life (as well as the local economy!) pays off in many ways, as you explore and discover new features in your town, so you will in your relationship and your partner. Here's five fun and unique date ways to turn an average date night into an unforgettable evening:

1. Start keeping up with events going on in your town. Check out your daily and weekly newspapers for art, music, and other cultural events that meet your interests and budget. You'll get a sense of which venues near you are likely to have events that appeal to you and will always have a couple ideas in the back of your mind for spontaneous outings. 

2. Think about your partner. What would your partner enjoy exploring and what would get their engine revved up? Maybe you can combine high and low octane activities to play on your energy levels. Theme park roller coasters followed by a candlelit dinner, a quiet moonlit walk followed by some sexy dancing at a bumping jazz club, you get the idea...

3. Pick a worry-free day. A Saturday night when a ton of family is coming to visit early the next day? Probably not going to inspire you to stay up late canoodling. Having the fewest outside concerns on your mind and not having to worry about an end time fast approaching will let your lovey-dovey energy flow more freely. Talk, text and write notes playfully about the upcoming date; building anticipation will make it feel even more special when you finally get to it. 

4. Mix high and low, new and old. A favorite restaurant followed by a movie in a nearby town you don't know too well. Or how about an elegant classical music concert followed by burgers and beer at your favorite dive? A mixture of familiar go-to's and totally new and undiscovered venues will reflect the best elements of a relationship, the known and comfortable combined with surprising discoveries. 

5. Strip down to your bare essentials. Spa treatments are some of the most intimate ways to spend time with your S.O., you're half-naked, looking at each other and being rubbed in oils after all! They are also some of the best ways to support local businesses and personal service professionals, i.e. your money goes straight back in to your local community while you get to indulge in some seriously sensual time with your partner. Even side-by-side pedicures can be flirty and fun and won't break the bank.