Teddy Pendergrass & The Transsexual Tenika Watson

Teddy Pendergrass & The Transsexual Tenika Watson

R&B singer and sexual icon Teddy Pendergrass has died of colon cancer at 59. A consummate ladies' man, he was known for belting out such hits as If You Don't Know Me By Now and Love TKO in sold-out panty-throwing 'women only' concerts. Read more at PopEater: R&B Star Teddy Pendergrass Dead at Age 59

With his death, old rumors surrounding the tragic car crash that left him paralyzed from the chest down have been injected with new life.

Chief among them that he was not alone in the car that night. Riding along was "casual acquaintance" Tenika Watson, a 31-year-old transsexual model, nightclub singer and rumored prostitute. And that she was to blame for his injuries.

In regards to the 28-year-old accident, Pendergrass once said: "What matters is what happens afterward." 

Still, you can't help but wondering what would have come out about the incident if the Internet had been around to keep the fires of gossip aflame. Would Tiger be where he is now without TMZ? Would Teddy?

Here's what we know about Tenika Watson and the night of the accident:

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  • Tenika Watson — born John Watson — had undergone a sex-change operation and was working part-time as a nude model.
  • "She described her relationship with Pendergrass as "flirty," and said they had run into each other a couple times at the now-defunct Fantasy Club. The night of the accident, she said, Pendergrass was giving her a ride home—that was it." [Unsubstantiated Source]

And from a 1982 interview by Barbara Faggins of the Philadelphia Tribune: