The Fat Girl Fights Back!

The Fat Girl Fights Back!

I have found that I write the best when someone has either pissed me off or amazed me with their sheer stupidity. In this case, it was sheer stupidity, unfortunately. I was browsing through the Q&A section of the site when I stumbled upon a question by some blatant retard who wondered if there was some kind of anatomy difference between big women and slim women that caused the larger of the two to be really “horny” and “freaky.” Initially, I wondered just how big of a dumbass actually pondered whether the anatomy of two women was different, but after staring at this geniuses reference to women who were “9’s” and “10’s” I made the assumption that this guy’s elevator didn’t come close to the top floor. However, the two women who responded to the dumbest question of 2010 (so far) might actually be more ignorant than the winner who posted it.


So, without further ado, meet LAWestphal, a self-proclaimed chicken legged, less than a “10,” who claims to have been married for 23 years. She says, “Large women, like large men, have a lot more 'junk' in the way, and offense....many men are not...ummm...'big' enough in the first, or knowledgable enough on how to use it, to make it around, in past, the largness”


So, our friend LA thinks that big women have too much meat on their bones (that apparently gets “in the way”) and that men aren’t well endowed enough or don’t have enough expertise to get “around” whatever the hell “largness” is.


Now, here are some more utterly ridiculous claims from LA, “The people I know, not DH, who are XXXlarge say that the way they are treated by people is that most think they are easy deprived pickings. 'A Sure lay' They get used and lied to for relationships, but until they found that special someone, it was all about the sex because it doesn't take long for the other to start telling them to loose weight or loose interest.”


LA claims that her fat friends get treated poorly because people think that they’re easy, and they also get lied to, have relationships that are based on sex, and that their partners will ultimately want them to slim down or they’ll no longer be interested. Well, I suppose that skinny women are the opposite according to LA’s deep observations of fat love and sex. I suppose that skinny women aren’t easy, don’t get lied to, don’t have sex-based relationships, don’t get told to slim down, and never have partners lose interest. Surely we all know those assumptions are entirely false; otherwise, we would be doomed to a harsh reality, now wouldn’t we?


However, LA sums her opinion up with this statement, “Unless of course the other sees them for the beautiful person they are, and/or is into the fetish of the Big and Beautiful. Then it is happily ever after or great friends with benefits.” Apparently, a man being interested in or attracted to a fat woman is a fetish, whodathunkit?


Now, I can’t pick on LA too much without letting you guys see what kimmiedancer had to say, “this is mean to say - but maybe the bigger girls are more desperate, or want to feel loved and so are open to whatever, espesh if they are concerned about thier looks and think others are too?” Wait, I get it, fat girls are desperate – so they sleep around trying to get someone to love them, that makes so much sense! Thanks kimmie!


So, now that we’re passed the asinine assumptions regarding big women in bed, I’ll tell you how I really feel.


I have a fat ass. I have always had a fat ass, when I was in kindergarten I stood 5+ inches taller than all of the other girls and had the shoulders of a miniature linebacker. I wasn’t an overweight child by any means, but I fit the textbook definition of “big boned” or “large framed.” I suppose I began struggling with my weight around age 14 or so; I was in high school and as we all know, the pressure of adolescence is tremendous. I played basketball, I rode horses, I competed in rodeo events, I played tackle football with the boys in the summertime and it wasn’t until my peers had a problem with my weight that