Natalie Dylan's Virginity Bidding At Five Million

Remember Natalie Dylan? That classy, Sacramento State women's studies major who deprived several boyfriends of sex so she could auction off her virginity?

Yeah. Her.

She's making headlines again because her hymen will likely net her $5 million when she stops being a tease and cashes in already. According to Australia's, the highest bidder is a 39-year-old (yeeeeeaaaahhhhh right) businessman who is prepared to plop down $5 million for a roll in the hay.

This all began last year as a ploy for Natalie to pay for grad school. At this rate, however, she'll be able to attend the ritziest university and purchase a penthouse with the same swipe of the credit card.

Seriously, though. How long is she going to wait? Piss or get off the pot, lady. It's safe to assume the higher the bid, the nuttier the guy. Hell, they're probably all whack-a-doos. You've been warned.

Back in September when she was on the Howard Stern Show, with this, like, totally awesome, rad idea to sell her virginity to a stranger, everyone sort of recoiled in disgusted admiration. At that point, men only willing to spend around $300, 000 or so were biting, but even that seemed amazing.

Was she for real? Why did we give ours up for free, and this twat is going to make six figures! Some Italian model hopped on the trend train and wanted to sell hers for $1.5 million.

Yes, Natalie is very much for real and apparently comes from a sort of dicey, money guzzling lot (shocker!).

Reports are saying her stepfather spent the alloted money for her and her sister's grad school, thus forcing her older sister, Avia, into a Nevada brothel to make back the cash. Avia worked at the Las Vegas whorehouse The Bunny Ranch and made a good lump of education-money change. Nevermind a miserly, part-time bartending gig!

Natalie's a bit brighter and decided to get it all out of the way with one crappy experience at the Bunny Ranch as opposed to a series of them.

It kind of sucks she has to lose her virginity to a crazy cakes stranger in a tacky brothel, but at least they can keep on eye him. Nobody wants Mr. Australian Businessman (or whomever) to turn into another American Psycho-era Patrick Bateman.

Oh well. Everyone's first is interesting. Lucky for Natalie she'll be able to retail-therapy-away the experience for years.

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