What A Single Dad Wants

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The Bachelor Jason Mesnick hints at what he's looking for in a second wife.

Besides the fact that never has a racial minority appeared as the Bachelor or Bachelorette on ABC's long-running reality show, we continued to be surprised by contestant Jason Mesnick's choices on last night's episode. Things that would make us sweat (not in a good way)—like being prepared to move cross-country for someone you've known for 48 hours—seem to make this guy smile. Here, a list of things this Seattle-based single dad likes in a lady:

1. I Want You To Want Me. In episode two, Jason admits he's all about the women who want him and aren't afraid to show it—even to stalker extremes. You know who you are, Shannon.

2. We Are Family. As the divorced father of a three-year-old son, Ty, a single mom is right up Jason's alley. The remaining single mamas are a diverse set, too: a 25-year-old no-nonsense lacrosse coach, Megan; 34-year-old widowed Southern belle, Stephanie; and 29-year-old secretary from Chicago, Nikki. Oh, wait, she's not actually a mother—she's an auntie to several nieces and nephews. But that's the same as being a mom, right?

3. Sometimes Your Words Just Hypnotize Me. This week, two of the less gregarious ladies were sent home, and Jason made it clear he's into the women who are not afraid to speak up and out, and captivate a room with their presence.

4. Then She Kissed Me. Kissing is telling indeed! Jason must be onto this fact, as he locked lips with half the house on last night's ep. He deemed the kiss with 25-year-old former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, Melissa, in the Good Year blimp the most "passionate" he'd experienced in awhile. (You know, just a typical first-date ride in a blimp. Standard.) Out of all the contestants, the spunky brunette reminds us the most of Deanna Pappas, the Bachelorette who broke his heart.

What do you think: is Jason dating like a typical single pops might (minus the fact that he's on reality TV)?

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