How To Finagle A New Year's Eve Kiss

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For singletons, a kiss on New Year's Eve is sort of like getting a new car for your birthday. One of those "would be nice" ideas, but it probably won't happen, which is totally fine. Apparently, though, it does happen for a lot of people. According to a Washington Times article, two-thirds of Americans think they'll be getting a New Year's smooch. But when you're essentially kiss-free all year, it may seem like a tall order to sashay into a party on New Year's Eve and exit with smeared lipstick. We, on the other hand, think a midnight lip lock is as doable as that requisite glass of champagne. If you'd like to get up-close-and-personal with someone this year, here's an hourly guide to ease you into that midnight moment.

7:05 pm Wear an outfit that fits you. In order to carry an aura of confidence, don't wear what you think you should on New Year's Eve. Splashy store windows and glossy magazine ads may fool you into thinking a successful twelve months start with dipping your body in sequins and strapping on five-inch stilts. Eh, how passé. It's most important to feel sexy in your own skin. Go ahead and wear those pajama bottoms. On the flipside, if only a trapeze dress made of sparklers will do, then by all means, light 'em up and rock out in your New Year's Eve Christmas Tree. 

8:00 pm Go to a social gathering that fits you. If you aren't much of a club goer, it would be silly to plop down three figures for a VIP table at Marquee. Likewise, if quiet dinners bore you so dreadfully that New Year's Day brunch conjures a jilted memory of initiating a drunken game of naked twister, opt for something a bit more high key. A house party (with a generous amount of singletons) might be the best of both worlds. You get a packed place, but you're likely to hear everyone, too. House parties or get-togethers in more intimate spaces all but assure a meet and greet. Office Holiday Party Dos And Don'ts

9:02 pm Talk to someone. Please. You could be in a room full of single Johnny Depps but if you don't make yourself available you might as well be at home watching Bridget Jones's Diary with your cat. While we suggest wearing clothes for comfort and scenery that jives with your nature, this is where we'll gently push the introverts to break suit and start up a "come here often" kind of babble. While it may be easiest to chatter with your girlfriends over at the guacamole table, approach that cluster of men instead. Don't wait for them to come to you—go to them. They will accept this with enthusiastic open arms, and if they don't? It’s only 9 pm—you have a good three hours to find someone who will.

9:46 pm Tone down the flirting a notch. Hopefully you've spotted the prey, eagle-eyed your target and are ready in the wild to sink your teeth in and enjoy your catch. Not so fast. You don't want it to appear like your objective is a New Year's kiss. The same flirting guidelines apply on this night, even if the chase is sped up to a mere matter of hours. Ask questions, listen, act lively, let the eye contact last for a beat longer than what you may think is necessary—but not too long. Don't even get us started on the levels of creepiness this beat-too-long eye contact can induce.

10:17 pm Drink a glass of water. Alcohol is a great lubricant, and certainly makes talking to strangers a breeze, but too much alcohol is a bad idea. You might end up kissing the floor instead of the gentleman you've been eyeing. Drink a glass of water for each alcoholic beverage you consume. You'll thank yourself tomorrow.

11:32 Act super excited about ball dropping. Not in an obnoxious way, of course. Be smooth, cat. Assign yourself to drink patrol, get the champagne ready and incorporate some hair swinging and light touching. This may not be your style, and it's entirely possible neither is this kiss-assigned person next to you, but at this point it's like coasting at a job until you get that promotion. Stick it out. Eye on the prize. 

11:59  Don't be shy. As soon as the clock strikes midnight, turn, BAM, like a car hitting a tree, your lips smashed against his will be over before he even knew it began. What? Doesn't sound very romantic? Well, neither does planning a kiss just because it happens to be the last day of December. There’s a 99.9 percent chance they'll kiss back. And if not? Hopefully you can wash down any awkwardness with another swig of champagne.

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